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Adults and students all respond better if they know what they are expected to learn. Be sure that daily objectives are listed clearly on the board. Take the time at the start of the year to explain that students will see objective(s) on the board daily and that the class will be working to learn about the expectations of that objective. In some cases, there are things that students must learn to mastery while other information they will need to be aware of and know how to locate. Be sure students know what you expect them to master.

Homework All homework assignments should be clearly posted with the date they are due. Take a minute at the end of the class to review the homework assignment as needed.

Textbooks Some schools do not issue textbooks immediately, but wait until the end of the first week. You will need to plan activities that will be self contained until your books are available. If you are working with a classroom set of books establish a routine for distribution and collection of books. Remind students that if they are issued a book they are expected to have that book with them each day. You will want to protect your books as much as possible because Social Studies is not up for a new textbook adoption until 2011.

Your textbook for this class is World Geography by McDougall Littell 2005. This book comes with CDs that include PowerPoint presentations and lesson planning tools. You should also have a resource binder entitled McDougall Littell Reading Toolkit that is an invaluable tool in helping you provide literacy support for your students. You will find that in the lessons provided, the toolkit resources are used frequently. As a Social Studies teacher you are responsible for your content material and for providing support to help your students learn to effectively use their textbook and to comprehend what they read. Content reading is more difficult than the reading of fiction and students need support to help them access the resources available in the text including maps, figures, graphics, and quotes as well as the printed word.

Tests and Quizzes Some quizzes will be included in the following lessons. Use them if you wish or create your own. Remember that this text comes with a CD to help you generate test items or to simply help you plan your own quizzes/tests.

The Task Analyses for Global Studies is available on the intranet on the Curriculum Services Website. http://intranet.ocps.net/cs/CIA/SocStud-HighSchool/ninth.php OCPS has a high level of mobility among its students. If we all follow the Task Analyses Order of Instruction it will make it easier on our students as they move about in the district.

A Final Word Take the time during the first few days to establish your routines and procedures for your classes. Time spent now in classroom organization and establishing routines and procedures will reward you with better behavior in the future with more time for instruction.

Each class is different just as each teacher is different. As you develop your pacing you will know approximately how much you can accomplish each day. Don’t worry if you run out of time occasionally, just pick it up and finish your lesson the following day. It is hoped that this packet will help you get started if you are new to Global Studies or are a substitute teacher filling this important position. Good Luck!

List of Supplies (below are some examples of supplies you may want your students to have)

OCPS First Days of School Lesson Plans


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