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Bell work:

Prefixes and base words. Have students copy down the next five prefixes and their meanings. See attached chart to make a transparency.


1. Create a map of a neighborhood including a title, a scale, key/legend and a compass rose, symbols, color. SS.B.1.4.1


1. Quiz on Chapter 1, sections 1 and 2 2. Create a map of neighborhood 3. Wrap Up


Complete map started in class. Map will be turned in on Monday.

Global Studies – Day 5

Bell Work:

Have students volunteer additional words that have the prefixes copied into notebook today. Students should add additional words to their notes to expand their vocabulary.


Since this is the first quiz grade, take the time to go over the directions with the students. Be sure to emphasize good handwriting. A letter or an answer that you can not read is wrong. The oceans and continents should be spelled correctly. (Some teachers allow students to use notes for the first few minutes of a test or quiz. This is a good way to make the case for keeping a neat and complete notebook.)

Collect quiz by having students turn them face down and pass to the front. Have student in the front of the row count to be sure that they have the correct number of quizzes for their row.


Students will be creating a map of the area around their homes or a favorite location. Have students turn to page 15 and go over the elements of a good map. Discuss the elements that you expect them to include on the maps that they will be creating. (title, compass rose, legend/key, scale, symbols and color.) Modify this as you wish.

Have them work on the map on a piece of notebook paper for the rest of the class. You may want to provide a piece paper for the final map. If you do provide paper for final map have them bring you a rough draft before you give them a piece of paper.

Wrap Up:

Review briefly the prefixes introduced today. Answer questions about the maps students will complete this weekend.


Complete map started in class on Friday. Map will be due on Monday for a participation grade.

OCPS First Days of School Lesson Plans


Global Studies

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