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Global Studies – Day 6

Bell work:

The prefix “pre” means __________________ their meaning. The prefix “en, em” means what they mean.



1. Using a geographic grid SS.B.1.4.1

. List 3 words that have this prefix and

. List 3 words that have this prefix and


1. Return quiz and go over the correct answers 2. Collect maps of neighborhood 3. Activity – Map scale 4. Wrap Up


Complete map of classroom if not finished in class.

Bell Work:

Have students volunteer additional words that have the prefixes they copied into their notebook today. Students should add additional words to their notes of words shared by volunteers as appropriate.


Return quiz taken on Friday. When possible, return quizzes and tests as soon as possible. Go over the correct answers and have students file quiz in their notebook. Be aware of students that did poorly on this first quiz as you may need to provide additional support.


Creating a scale map of the classroom. (This will require specific materials.) Materials: tape measures, rulers, grid paper, pencils and erasers (You may be able to secure some of these materials from the Learning Specialist. Frequently, science teachers will have tape measures and students can provide grid paper, pencils and erasers.)

Divide students into groups of 5-8. Have one group of students measure the dimensions of the classroom. Have another group measure the sizes of the room’s larger furniture (teacher’s desk, book cases, and podium). A third group could measure the distance of these furnishing from the walls.

Now using the information gathered have one person from each group draw their part of the map on the chalkboard/white board starting with the size of the room. Be sure that dimensions are provided on map.

Next, provide students with a ratio, (ex. .5 inches = 1 foot) and have them redraw the map of the room on their grid paper using this ratio. Remind them to include a ratio or bar scale on their maps.

This activity will probably take up the rest of the period. Students working

together can get noisy. Take a few minutes at the start of the activity to remind students about working together and using an “inside” voice.

Wrap Up:

Review activity. Be sure to point out that the fewer the details the smaller the scale. The more details you include the larger the scale.


Complete map if not completed in class.

OCPS First Days of School Lesson Plans


Global Studies

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