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  • 5.

    Which two countries border the United States? (Canada and Mexico)

  • 6.

    Which two oceans border the United States? (Atlantic and Pacific)

Now have the students study the political map for several minutes. Tell students that they are going to draw from memory a map of the world with the continents and oceans labeled. Also they will label the location of the United States, Canada and Mexico. This activity will be done tomorrow and can be used as bonus points for the Chapter Test or as a separate grade. You will want to use a rubric for the points given. This will give you a good way to justify the score given. See next page for a sample rubric and criteria for the map. You may want to give students this rubric today or wait until tomorrow.

Wrap Up:

Explain to students that studying for 12 minutes multiple times is more effective when preparing for a test rather than planning a long study session. Have students look through their notes to see if they have any questions.

Have students ask two students for a missing answer first and then if they are unable to find the answer they may ask the teacher. Be sure to remind students about their voices and limit the amount of time for this activity.

Now set a timer for 12 minutes and have the students study for Friday’s test.


Have students study for 12 minutes tonight for Friday’s test and spend another 12 minutes studying the physical and political map for tomorrow’s activity of drawing and labeling a mental map. You may want to send the rubric home with the students so they are aware of what is expected.

OCPS First Days of School Lesson Plans


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