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Global Studies – Day 2

Bell work:

Prefixes and base words (This is an important way to help students be able to decode words. Although this material is presented in earlier grades it is important to review this basic information to help improve the understanding of words. Introduce the 40 prefixes/suffixes in groups of 5 -10 and review frequently. See Reading Toolkit V12- V15.) A black line master is provided to make a transparency for the first group.


  • 1.

    Describe the difference between a base word and a prefix

  • 2.

    Explain how geographers study the world. SS.B.1.4.2



  • 1.

    Pretest of selected basic geography content

  • 2.

    Correct pretest and mark correct answers

  • 3.

    Discussion and notes

  • 4.

    Wrap up activity

Study the first five prefixes and be able to define and give an example.

Bell Work:

Take the time to be sure that everyone has copied down the bell work and have volunteers give examples of additional words that have these prefixes.


See attached black line master for basic geography pretest and answers. Allow students 15 - 20 minutes to complete pretest. Make sure you explain to the students that the pretest is to see what they already know and it will not count against them but will help us better understand what we need to learn.

Go over the correct answers with the students and have them write the correct answer for those that they missed. Collect the papers to look over tonight and then return them tomorrow and have them place it in their S.S. folders.


If students have books have them read page 5 silently. If you do not have books you read the section aloud to the class. Students should know the meaning of the word geography and be able to describe the difference between an historian and a geographer.

Show examples of items that geographers use including a road map, a wall map, an atlas, books, map from internet, pictures and any additional items you wish. Notes should go in their S.S. notebook.

Wrap Up:

Remind students about forms that need to be returned, go over the homework assignment and answers to the objectives for today.


Study the first five prefixes and be able to define and give an example.

OCPS First Days of School Lesson Plans


Global Studies

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