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A small sample of available accessories is shown below. Contact your Harris sales representative for further choices.

10075-1399 Lightweight Handset

The 10075-1399 is a high grade, lightweight military-grade handset for use with the Harris tactical radio sys- tems. One handset is supplied with each Falcon® II and Falcon® III series transceiver systems. It is modified to provide improved operator RF protection. Cable has U-229B/U connector.

RF-3020-HS002 Lightweight Headset

The RF-3020-HS002 headset is a lightweight tactical headset consisting of a single earphone in an ear cup and a noise-cancelling microphone on an adjustable gooseneck boom. It is worn on the head using an adjustable cloth web and straps. The RF-3020-HS002 has two Push-to-Talk (PTT) switches: one PTT is a typically chest- mounted switch with clothing clip for attachment. The second PTT is a silent Push-to-Talk switch (sniper switch) typically worn on the palm. The RF-3020-HS002 is submersible to 1 meter and is designed to meet tactical environmental requirements. It has a standard U-229/329 audio connector compatible with the Falcon II and Falcon III families of radios.

RF-5980-SA001 Tactical Amplifier/Speaker

Amplifies transceiver audio output for vehicular and base-station applications. The speaker features include: Dual six-pin handset/headset connectors, individual handset/headset and speaker volume controls Individual handset/headset and speaker power switches Vehicular mounting bolt and bracket Ruggedized for operation in extreme environments per MIL-STD-810F

RF-5941-SM903 Multiband Antenna Mast System

The RF-5941-SM903 is a sectional fiberglass 9 m multiband 30 to 512 MHz antenna/mast system that may be assembled to create either a 7 m or 9 m mast with a 30 to 512 MHz multiband antenna. The system comes complete with a 30–512 MHz multiband antenna, guying, ground stakes, storage bag, coaxial cable on winder (BNC), and hammer.

The RF-390-AT001 Multiband Vehicular Whip Antenna

The RF-390-AT001 multiband vehicular whip antenna is a two-piece sectional vertical whip for use from 30 to 512 MHz. Exceptional bandwidth is obtained from distributive passive components along the antenna’s length. The RF-390-AT001 has equivalent gain to other narrowband antennas. This antenna is the ideal choice for mul- tiband radios because it reduces the vertical signature by replacing three narrowband antennas with a single antenna.The antenna comes with single or dual ports and can be paired with the RF-392-AT001 tripod base for fixed site installations.

KDU Remote Control

Available for any configuration of the Handheld Power Amplifier, the widely fielded Harris Keypad Display Unit (KDU) can be configured as a remote control. Using menu screens identical to the AN/PRC-152 radio, the remote control allows full control while in system configuration. The KDU remote control kit consists of a KDU, 6 ft cable, and cable adapter (shown attached to an RF-300M-HV008).

Special thanks to the U.S. Military Defense Websites for providing images of our troops used in this brochure.

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