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Motion to approve.

Moved:  Cm. Rendon

Second:  Cm. Narvaez

For:     7   Against:  0Abstain:  0

F.  Request by Council Member Cynthia Liendo Espinoza


Update on RioFest with possible action.

Mr. Bob Zacarias reported that they had been negotiating with Texas Monthly for nearly sixty days, and they were very selective.  He requested monetary assistance from City Council.

Cm. Belmares said that they should redirect some of their advertising dollars from Convention and Visitors Bureau towards the RioFest and come back with a plan for support services.

City Manager Carlos Villarreal stated that he would like to meet with the group.  He was impressed by the way that this was proceeding and he saw a lot of promise and liked the way the game plan was proceeding.  He didn’t know how much money they could afford, but felt that it was a good event for the community.  He added that by the next meeting they would have met with them to bring back recommendations.

Motion to approve $10,000 from Convention and Visitors Bureau’s funds to be used for Texas Monthly.

Moved:  Cm. Liendo Espinoza

Second:  Cm. Garza

For:     7   Against:  0Abstain:  0


44.  Staff report with possible action regarding Khaledi Bridge of the Americas, Ltd. lease

agreement with City of Laredo and whether “lifts” will be provided by the City, and whether rent will be abated by the City for delays in use of the leased premises that the tenant claims the City caused.

Mr. Jack Gruthird stated that he would like, on behalf of UETA, to make a proposition for a possible counteroffer that the Council could consider.  They proposed as an alternative that if the current tenant were unhappy that they would take over the lease of the entire building as it was without abatement or changes.

Motion to table for next meeting.

Moved:  Cm. Belmares

Second:  Cm. Narvaez

For:     7   Against:  0Abstain:  0

45.  Presentation by staff committee regarding proposed plan to improve downtown

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