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The customer magazine of Rieter Spun Yarn Systems Vol  / No    June  / EN - page 13 / 24





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The advantages are compared to classical carded ring yarns are

  • Good yarn quality even with high short fiber content

  • Good evenness in drafting because of re-doubling

  • Reasonable strength for weaving

  • Few joints in the package only - per  kg package Number of joints is / to / compared to ring yarns

  • Short fibers can improve hairiness and hand without direct impact on pilling

  • Less waste in downstream processing with bigger packages kg and exact length measuring

    • deviation  on R 

  • Reduced fiber loss in downstream processing leads to reduced pilling

  • Less up-take of size and dyestuff

  • Good washing resistance of final product due to wrapper fibers


Raw material


Total cost

Yarn selling price

Energy consumption kWh/kg


ring cost*

Ne 

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

Rotor spinner 

Total 

Ne 

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

 INR/kg  EUR/kg

Rotor spinner 

Total 


Mill sample with  comber noil spun on R 

Mill sample with  comber noil and  card droppings spun on R 

Yarn count Twist/m Alpha e Sliver Rotor speed Take off speed Yarn strength IPI Machine efficiency

Ne    Ne    rpm  m/min  cN/tex  

Ne    Ne    rpm  m/min  cN/tex  

Tab 

Tab 

  • *

    according to customer experience

LINK    /


Strengths of R  and R  from Rieter R  semi-automated rotor spinning machine is equipped with fast and reliable AMIspin piecing sys- tem that ensures constant high piecing quality Every piecing is tested by the yarn clearer before the yarn is wound on the package The low machine height makes the handling of the piecing process very sim- ple and smooth

R  fully automated rotor spinning machine on the other hand provide high productivity with low energy consumption with yarn like piecing from AEROpiecing system

The way to better margin realization Calculation of total cost by adding manufacturing cost to the raw material cost Tab  and then com- paring the same with current yarn selling price in- dicates clearly the fact that Rieter rotor spinning systems is the most economical way of recycling comber noils

Application of yarns made from rotor spinning by recycling comber noil is gaining ground due to its economical aspect and also due to environmental reasons Cotton being an agricultural product with high money value it is worth to reuse the comber noil and card waste in-house for products of a high quality level to get maximum benefits

Operate a green business – produce cost effective with recycling fibers on “green” rotor spinning machines


Prasanta-Kumar Deka

Head Marketing India New Delhi prasanta-kumardeka@rietercom

Dr Stephan Weidner-Bohnenberger

Head Product Management Rotor Ingolstadt



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