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The customer magazine of Rieter Spun Yarn Systems Vol  / No    June  / EN - page 16 / 24





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The new upgrade package for R 20 robots

There is no room for compromises when it comes to yarn quality The upgrade package for the R  robot maintains efficiency at a high level

In economically difficult times it is especially impor- tant that the machines installed in the mill operate to a high technical standard Production efficiency is ensured by regular servicing and the systematic re- placement of wearing parts This also prolongs the service life of the machines

Robots on older rotor spinning machines can be gi- ven a total overhaul in the Ingolstadt plant Nu- merous robots from RU  / RU A and R rotor spinning machines have already been upgraded The upgrade package for the R  robot has been avail- able since the end of 

Fig  A total overhaul of the R  robot en- hances efficiency and yarn quality

The R  robot is in operation daily year after year The severe stress this entails inevitably has an im- pact on the robot’s mechanical functions An up- grade package for the R  robot offers more than just servicing and fine mechanical adjustment

The scope of the upgrade comprises numerous im- provements that have been incorporated in the R  series These also include new developments Fol- lowing the upgrade of the R  robot customers have a -month warranty on the entire robot

Modular upgrade – depending on the customer’s requirements The upgrade package for the R  robot is modular in structure Rieter recommends installation of the complete upgrade package to enable all new func- tions to be utilized Price-conscious customers can order only parts of the overall package The upgrade package for the R  robot includes  new compo- nents

  • Rieter LGPS laser-guided positioning system The LGPS positions the robot accurately in relation to the spinning box by means of a laser beam and a reflector Precise smooth positioning of the ro- bot makes the centering bars superfluous and the clutch of the travel motor is eliminated This reduc- es downtimes and increases productivity

  • EVO multivalve

This precisely actuated vacuum system increas- es the operating reliability of the robot Trailing threads at the air duct are eliminated

  • M EVO piecing cylinder motor This high-quality motor has a long service life and features wear-free digital speed monitoring which ensures constant rotation speed during piecing – a precondition for accurate piecing

  • EVO hood opening unit

The new hood opening unit improves the stability of the sequence of motion of the mechanical com- ponents and considerably prolongs service life The compressed air supply for rotor cleaning is also im- proved by the pulsating delivery of compressed air and the new components The new “Xclean” program actuates repeated cleaning of the rotor groove during acceleration thus increasing piecing reliability and spinning quality

  • Tailing unit

A new integrated clamping device reduces laps around the winder arms Maintenance effort by op- erating personnel is reduced and package quality is improved

  • IV thread accumulator

A new sensor measures thread tension and thus defines the precise package mounting time during piecing and enhances robot efficiency

  • Supply tube system

The robot always carries an empty tube This elimi- nates the time-consuming wait for an empty tube to be delivered prior to the change process Package change is  faster

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