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The customer magazine of Rieter Spun Yarn Systems Vol  / No    June  / EN - page 23 / 24





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Fig  RIKIPEDIA contents page

LINK    /


Functions The basic functions that are familiar from Wikipedia can also be found on RIKIPEDIA Fig 

  • 

    Search – A search function for content only with-

in RIKIPEDIA can be found in the navigation menu on the left-hand side The results are sorted by rel- evance and listed in detail

  • 

    Topic selection – The relevant main chapters can

be selected here

  • 

    Print – A print function has been added for us-

ers who want to print out content If this function is used a separate window is opened in which the content has been optimized for printing

  • 

    Permalink – This link can be used if reference is

made to RIKIPEDIA

  • 

    Table of contents – Rapid surfing through the con-

tent via the table of contents

Recommended browser Website development has continued at a very rapid pace in recent years Rieter has decided to take ad- vantage of these new technologies with RIKIPEDIA In order to surf through the contents as comfortably as possible it is advisable to use one of the new brows- er types eg Mozilla Firefox wwwmozillacom If you are interested just visit RIKIPEDIA now at wwwrietercom/rikipedia and surf through the ini- tial content – further content is being published con- tinuously -

 View images – The embedded images can be mag- nified with a click A further click on the open image closes it again

Michel Gelin

 Comment – New findings or suggested corrections regarding the individual topics can be sent to Rieter by using the Comment function under each article

Project Manager Marketing Winterthur michelgelin@rietercom


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