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Quality – a Rieter tradition

Modern quality assurance involves global forward-looking planning throughout the process chain in a way that can be appreciated by every- one How does Rieter usher old traditions onto new paths?

The term “quality” is derived from the Latin quali- tas and means attribute characteristic property condition The attributes a product has to display in order for customers to be satisfied depend on the in- dividual customer’s expectations There is therefore no such thing as absolute quality only customer- specific quality Quality means meeting the custom- er’s expectations Under-fulfillment of expectations is out of the question for us Over-fulfillment should be our goal while having due regard for costs

Fig  Quality assurance with modern measuring technology

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    D coordinate

measuring instrument in operation

Examples of quality in everyday spinning operations A fancy weaving mill producing high-quality shirt- ing fabrics sets different quality standards for a yarn from those of a knitting mill using the yarn to pro- duce T-shirts In the first case combed ring-spun yarn made from long-staple cotton with a tensile strength of  cN/tex is used in the second case a rotor-spun yarn with  cN/tex Two completely different qual- ity requirements – but each adapted precisely to the intended application The customer’s expectations in terms of price/performance ratio are met and can be measured with a testing instrument in the textile laboratory

Quality has to be defined How is quality defined in textile machinery manufac- turing? Here also customers are only satisfied if the actual outcome corresponds to their requirements Armand V Feigenbaum  a leading American theorist in the field of quality management defines quality as the customer’s conception based on his present experience with a product or service which is measured against his spoken or unspoken require- ments Quality is a moving target in the market envi- ronment and is defined by the customer This simply means that when spinning machines are being pur- chased the product has to fulfill both spoken expec- tations and unspoken wishes

What customers require from spinning machines Diverse requirements are imposed on a product Question after question has to be answered before a purchase is made The first question of all is wheth- er the investment is worthwhile for the customer and how the product performs compared to its competi- tors Whether the product is suitable for its intended use can be established through references or by cus- tomer-specific tests

What options does the product offer and how flexi- bly can it be used? Is the product service-friendly? How reliable is the service offering? What addition- al facilities does a manufacturer provide during and after sales? How attractive is the design of the prod- uct? Has the product been manufactured in an en- vironmentally friendly way? Have safety guidelines been adhered to? Is manufacturing quality adequate? A product’s reliability and durability only become apparent in operation In this respect the customer must be able to count on reliable statements by qual- ity management and the manufacturer

Communicative and constantly changing For  years Rieter has successfully embodied these spoken and unspoken customer requirements in its products This is a tradition based on our vir- tues Our sales personnel and marketing specialists have sound textile training are prepared to listen and can empathize with customers’ feelings and ide- as Our service personnel contribute their feedback and experience Personnel in the engineering de- partments take concerns seriously and work on im- provements

Good long-term customer relationships mean that customers can express their requirements wishes or doubts loudly and clearly

Feedback from customers is incorporated in Rieter’s products Sometimes not quite as quickly as custom- ers would like New ideas are developed quickly but field testing and any necessary corrections take time The time required cost and risk are all factors at work here and it takes experience and teamwork to find the optimum solution

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