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The customer magazine of Rieter Spun Yarn Systems Vol  / No    June  / EN - page 5 / 24





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Quality-related actions

Quality planning during development

Quality assurance during manufacturing

Quality improvements throughout service life







Product service life


Fig  Quality assurance has to operate in all product phases

How does Rieter assure product quality? When a new generation of machines is being planned customers’ needs the requirements of the sales and service organizations findings from product utiliza- tion as well as scientific and engineering innovations are incorporated in the process

Product quality at Rieter is influenced at various stages throughout the product’s life cycle The three main stages are quality planning quality assurance and quality improvement The first stage quality planning takes place during the development of the machine – with extensive prototype and pilot series tests The second stage is quality assurance during pilot series and volume manufacturing The planned measures are put into practice and tested The third phase is quality improvement during volume manu- facturing Fig 

Quality management – the basis for quality at Rieter Comprehensive quality assurance means that the concept of quality has to be inherent in all corpo- rate processes This is an important concern of Peter Gnägi CEO of Rieter Textile Systems “The focus of Rieter employees on our quality philosophy is the foundation on which all our products are based

We attach great importance to an organization that focuses on customer benefits and quality manage- ment without losing sight of costs We have to avoid both quality defects and excessive quality goals”

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Certified quality management has been in practice at Rieter for more than  years The first ISO certifica- tion was obtained by the Rieter foundry in Winter- thur in  This was followed by certification of the plant in Ingolstadt Germany in  and the machine works in  The manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic have been certified since  The Changzhou plant in China was certified in  and the Wing manufacturing site in India has been awarded ISO  certification this year A quality management system stipulates how processes and workflows are organized within a company Com- munication media and chains are also defined since communication is increasingly important in the glo- bal organization of a manufacturing network

Peter Oehy Head of Quality Management has been responsible from the outset for introducing and en- forcing quality management worldwide “Quality must be produced and not achieved by testing Qualified specialist craft training in Europe makes it easier to comply with quality specifications here In- depth appreciation of quality results in a greater de- gree of self-checking in all processes In India and China we rely on more outside checks and additional training After the appropriate action was taken in India and China quality results have improved fur- ther We have translated the quality guidelines in our Integrated Management System IMS into employ- ees’ native languages in order to prevent misunder- standings This effort has paid off At Rieter each and every employee is responsible for quality from shop floor to top management”

Quality planning – part of product development Centralized quality planning for all products is per- formed in our European plants and already begins during product development In order to optimize manufacturing quality in the early stages of develop- ment interdisciplinary teams from a wide range of departments already cooperate during the develop- ment phase development engineers technologists production and quality specialists optimize new components and machines While some pay atten- tion to functional and technical aspects others op- timize technical manufacturing requirements At the same time the main features are defined in a meas- urable way

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