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The customer magazine of Rieter Spun Yarn Systems Vol  / No    June  / EN - page 7 / 24





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Customer satisfaction management at Rieter

Satisfied customers are the key to success That’s why Rieter spares no effort to satisfy customers with its products and services

Fig  Completing the Rieter questionnaire online is easy and fast

Customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the result of a comparison between expectations and the ser- vice received If the actual service exceeds our ex- pectations we are satisfied if it falls below them we are dissatisfied Our expectations are influenced by various factors such as our personal standards the supplier’s image and the experiences we have had with other suppliers

Satisfied customers are more loyal Satisfied customers buy again either the same prod- uct or another one and recommend the supplier to others This willingness to pass on recommendations is an expression of the highest degree of customer loyalty since in this case the customer backs up the supplier’s product with his own name

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“Delight our Customers” is one of the Rieter Group’s core values If we meet our customers’ expectations and supply them with Rieter quality we are success- ful

Customer satisfaction management at Rieter These were the reasons why Rieter introduced a method of systematically measuring customer sat- isfaction at the end of  This provides us with direct feedback from our customers that is compa- rable between products We had already conducted surveys earlier

Now we survey customer satisfaction at shorter in- tervals and at the personal level Personalized sur- veys enable us to intervene with corrective action immediately

Once a month we send an online questionnaire to customers who have reached a certain point in the customer process At each of these points we survey satisfaction with the service received to date

  • After concluding a sale we want to know how sat- isfied the customer is with the service provided by our sales department and our agent

  • After commissioning we want to know how the customer rates the delivery and commissioning of our machines

  • Six months after the warranty period has expired we are interested to know how satisfied the cus- tomer is with our machine / installation our cus- tomer service and our spare parts service

Most customers are satisfied with Rieter Since December  we have sent questionnaires to   customers  customers responded to our request and returned a completed questionnaire This corresponds to a response rate of  which is an acceptable figure for a written questionnaire

However we would be pleased to receive feedback from more customers providing us with pointers on what can be improved The average level of satisfac- tion in all areas is between  and  on a scale of

  • to  where  is the lowest and  the highest rat-

ing Fig 

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