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The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies Vol. 10, No. 2

Let me suggest one further moral-of-the-story of why Rand is still regularly lumped in with Nietzsche: That it is still hard for many thinkers to conceive of an egoism that is not zero-sum. Say that Rand is a realist, a naturalist, and an advocate of reason—and most people know what that means and can articulate those positions accurately. In the last generation or so, it has become increasingly possible to say that Rand is an advocate of capitalism and find that many people will understand what that means and that it is not necessarily vicious dog- eat-dog exploitation. But the same is not yet true when it comes to ethical egoism. Egoism to most still means stereotypical “selfish- ness,” and to many the only alternative is altruism. So there is still much work to do in overcoming the traditional false alternative.

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