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Standards of Excellence Self-Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

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    I heard there are changes in the assessment process from 2006-2007 to 2008-2010? The main difference in the assessment process is that the 2008-2010 version is much more self-service than the past version. You will submit a non-required Notice of Participation instead of an application. Then you will have access to all the assessment materials. You will use the instructions to manage the assessment process from beginning (Sending out the survey) to end (retrieving your report).

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    How early should I begin the process?

We recommend you submit the Notice of Participation two months before your assessment. This will give you time to read the instructions, distribute materials, and most importantly, provide orientation to the Standards of Excellence and the Self-Assessment Tool for your group. See “What’s the best way to prepare my group for the assessment?” question #4, to learn more about the recommended orientation.

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    Where can I submit the Notice Participation to the Self-Assessment? What will it ask? Find the Notice of Participation on United Way Online at: https://online.unitedway.org/soe selfassessment In the Notice, the CEO will be asked to:

    • Indicate the week in which your community will participate in the self-assessment. Select any Sunday to Saturday dates in the drop-down box.

    • Indicate the project coordinator(s). This can be you or any other staff.

The Notice of Participation process is automatic. Under the field to the Notice, you will find a link with all the assessment materials needed. Download the materials right then and there, and save them onto your computer. Additionally, an automated email will be sent to the CEO and the coordinator(s) with the materials.

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    How do I get copies of the SOE Self-Assessment questions? Go to United Way Online for information on purchasing the entire SOE books, including the Begin Self- Assessment booklet or downloading a PDF version. Both the booklet and the PDF version include the questions found in the assessment. Here is the link: https://online.unitedway.org/site/uwaservices/teampage.cfm?AID=4124&RFID=2350774 Once you click into this web link, you will need to enter your United Way User ID and password.

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      Questions Only – This document includes only the questions on the Self-Assessment. This is a copy of what the participants will see when they link into the assessment

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      Booklet – This document includes an introduction to the tool and the process, in addition to the assessment questions. The booklet ends with information on the report that will be produced for you upon completion of the assessment and ideas for how to further analyze and use the results.

The questions are provided as a reference resource only. Trying to administer the Self-Assessment manually with paper copies is not encouraged. We highly recommend you use the online tool to benefit from all the reporting features and have the most positive experience possible.

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