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5. Why is Orientation important? or, What’s the best way to prepare my group for the assessment? Introduction to the Standards of Excellence: Once you fill out the Notice of Participation, you will gain access to step-by-step instructions of what to do for the entire assessment process. It is important that you prepare your group by providing orientation to the Standards of Excellence to ensure that group gets the most value out of the process and assure the most positive experience. Your group will need to understand what the Standards are and how they fit into the United Way work before they can effectively rate your United Way against them. Even if you have already conducted an introduction in the past, take time to orient new staff and board members. Click on the link below to view a PowerPoint presentation that provides orientation to the Standards and to the Self-Assessment. Notes Pages are included for your convenience. https://online.unitedway.org/site/uwaservices/teampage.cfm?AID=5173

It is also recommended that participants receive an advance orientation to the Self-Assessment tool itself. This assures that they will be comfortable with the tool and understand the purpose and benefits of the process. A good up front orientation will actually increase your participation and avoid many phone calls the week of the Self-Assessment. These orientations ideally take place within the month prior to your community’s Self-Assessment work.

To view the pre-recorded Self-Assessment orientation webinar and PowerPoint presentation click on the following link: https://online.unitedway.org/site/uwaservices/teampage.cfm?AID=4345&showhidden4345=1

It is also strongly recommended that you order copies of both the Standards and Self-Assessment booklets for each of your participants, especially your board members and staff. Distribute them during your orientation session. See questions #3 for details on ordering copies. With good orientation and materials in hand, your group will be ready to assess your organization.

6. Who should I invite to participate? When a local United Way conducts the Self-Assessment, it is important to obtain individual responses from a sufficiently representative group of staff, volunteers, and community partners. This diverse set of inputs serves to improve the quality, validity, and usefulness of the diagnostic results. There is a minimum participation requirement, based on your United Way’s Metro size. The chart below shows the required minimum number of completed assessments required.

Metro Size

Minimum number of completed








Volunteers and Community Partners Invite those that have a good understanding of how your United Way functions. Do not use this assessment as a public opinion poll. We also do not recommend that you send this assessment to all your partner agencies. It can be quite frustrating for all your agencies to go through this long assessment when

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