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    Do I need to make up my own instruction sheet to send to participants in advance? No, your self-assessment instruction sheets include step-by-step instructions for the participants. The project coordinator will need to complete two blank lines; 1) your organization number and 2) your assessment week dates. Then it is ready for you to email the instructions sheet out to the participants. It is recommended that you email the instruction sheet (instead of snail mail) as it contains the link to the online tool.

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    Will I need to provide UWA with all the emails of my participants? No. You will not provide the email addresses to UWA. The coordinator (usually the CEO or other staff person at the local United Way) will collect the email addresses of all the participants and forward instructions sheets to them. The instruction sheets will are provided on the same web page as the Notice of Participation. The instruction sheets are very important because they contain the participants’ link to the assessment.

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    What should participants do when they receive the instruction sheet? Participants should be encouraged to immediately read the instruction sheet and test the link provided. The instructions suggest that they set aside a time and test the link before the assigned week. This will allow time to troubleshoot if, for some reason, the link does not work. During the assigned week, participants are asked to set an hour aside to complete the assessment.

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    Will participants need a special code to get onto the web-based assessment? No. Participants will only need your United Way’s Organization Number (5 digits). The assessment is on a separate website (not United Way Online) so they will not need a United Way Online account or special code.

13. Do I need to complete the Self-Assessment all in one sitting? You do not need to complete the Assessment all in one sitting. Participants will have the ability to log onto the online assessment tool, 24 hours a day, during the week predetermined by the UW CEO. Participants can complete the assessments from any computer that has internet connection.

The participant instruction sheet includes clear directions on how to save your assessment without submitting it. If you are not tech-savvy and are concerned about spending too much time online, we suggest that you first complete the assessment on the paper, hard copy (see question #3 on how to get a hard copy of the assessment questions). This allows you to take all the time you need to think through the questions. Once you have finished the assessment on paper, log into the online tool and enter your responses in one sitting. This later process has been popular among our non-tech savvy groups.

Finally, if you have some participants with real concerns about using the online tool, a designated staff person may enter the results for the participant, by opening a new web browser page and entering in the data in one sitting. This will not affect the designated staff person from entering their own assessment scores. Just enter one set of assessment scores at a time.

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