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    Is there any way for me to receive an update on participation throughout the week? Check this webpage: http://online.unitedway.org/site/soe/selfeval.cfm to view an update on your participation numbers. The update will show the total number of participants by role (board, staff, volunteer and community partner). The completed assessments are updated to the website on a nightly basis, thus you will not notice an automatic change in participation numbers. You may need to check the website the following day for a more accurate update.

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    How do I get final report for my United Way?

Your instruction materials provide all the information on how to retrieve your report, save it and read the report. To view your report, go to this website: http://online.unitedway.org/site/soe/selfeval.cfm.

Since the report is electronic you will have the ability to make virtual presentations on the results. Because the report is stored on United Way Online, only those with UWO user accounts may access the electronic report. The UW ought to download a copy of the report and distribute a Word version to those participants without UWO user accounts. Instructions are included on how to print a hard copy.

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    I need to report that I fulfilled membership requirement i. Where’s the form? After you have completed the Self-Assessment process be sure to report the completion to Membership Accountability. The web link to the form is found in your instruction packet. It can also be found at: Requirement I “Self-Assessment” Confirmation Form or http://online.unitedway.org/req i confirmation Do not send in a copy of your assessment. We can forward a copy to Membership Accountability should they need a copy.

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    How have other United Ways used their SOE Self-Assessment after receiving their reports? Other than fulfilling the UWA Membership Requirement I, many United Way have and continue to use the results to inform their work as well as engage staff and volunteers in their work. Please visit the SOE Self- Assessment Toolkit (http://online.unitedway.org/soe toolkit) to download success stories and practices on how you can integrate the assessment results into your United Way work. Make sure you rate each practice or story you read/use. We would love to know how valuable these stories are for your United Way.

18. Does UWA want to know what I did with the Self-Assessment results once I receive them? While it is not required, we want to hear how the results sparked discussion among board members and staff. We would like to hear how the process helped you enhance your planning and journey towards transformation. The feedback and ideas will help us produce effective tools and most importantly allow us to help other UWs going through the same process. Email your post-assessment activities and lessons to linda.hernandez@uwa.unitedway.org We regularly update the samples into our SOE Self-Assessment Toolkit.

Ready to begin? Log onto https://online.unitedway.org/soe selfassessment for information, download materials/presentations and to begin your United Way’s Self-Assessment process.

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