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Taking an Exam


has been marked for review, the button caption will change to “Unmark for Review.” Clicking the button will then causing the current question number to return to its normal look.

HINT: If you are unsure of the answer to a question, mark it for review and come back to it later if time remains.

To the right of the Mark for Review button are the question numbers of all exam questions along with Next>> and <<Previous links. Clicking any number will show that question.

Clicking Next or hitting enter when the last multiple choice questions is reached will cause a message to pop up* which says: “This is the last multiple choice question. Would you like to start the simulation?”. Click Yes to complete the multiple choice section of the exam (you will not be able to return to the multiple choice questions). Click No to stay on the current screen.

HINT: Do not click Yes unless you are ready to proceed to the simulations. You cannot come back to the multiple choice questions once you start a simulation.

  • *

    Business Environment and Concepts section does not contain simulations. For this section, clicking Next

or hitting the enter key on the last question will display the message “This is the last question. Do you wish to view the results reports?”. Clicking Yes will display the Reports menu. Click No to stay on the current screen (in order to review answers).

Exam Mode—Simulation Questions

Once the multiple choice questions have been completed, the first simulation is displayed (except for the Business Environment and Concepts topic which does not contain simulations).

The Simulation Question Screen is a combination of a number of different types of screens. Simulations typically begin with a Simulation Tab which provides the context for the simulation. Then there will be one or more tabs that include the requirements for the simulation. You may need to toggle back and forth between the Situation and the various requirement tabs to complete the simulation. This is done by simply clicking on the applicable tab. The windows are scrollable to allow you to view the entire situation or re- quirement.

The requirements to simulations may be answered in a number of ways. Solutions may require selec- tions from a drop-down list of possible answers, numeric and monetary inputs, check box responses, or written communications. On the CPA exam, there will be other possible answers because you will have use of a research database from which to cut-and-paste research results. In addition, you may be required to enter formulas into a spreadsheet.

While you are able to move between the various requirements tabs within an individual simulation question, you are not allowed to move from one simulation question to a new simulation question. If you try to advance to a new question, a pop-up window will display confirming your actions. You will also be informed that if you try to move to a new question and return to a previous question, your answers will be lost.

In Study Mode, if toggled on, the correct answer and reasoning will appear when all boxes for that particular requirement have been answered. To review the reasoning at a later time, just click on the text of the particular completed requirement. Click anywhere on the screen to close the Answer Explanation.

When a number is required, enter a dollar sign if the amount is a dollar figure and also enter commas.

For example: Enter $12,000 not 12000

NOTE: For the purposes of grading in Study Mode, when you leave a box for the first time for a particular subquestion, that answer is entered and saved as your official answer to that question. Even if you then change your answer, the first answer is what is kept. You may change your answer selection as many times as you want. The first answer is what will show on the Exam Reports.

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