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Taking an Exam


At the top of this screen is the toolbar. Next to the John Wiley logo is the section name (in this case Auditing and Attestation). Below that is the category this question is part of. The third link contains the current question and total number of questions in this exam. Next on the toolbar is the Time Remaining panel. This tracks how much time is left for taking the exam. The exam will not stop when time runs out but the Time Remaining will become negative (to indicate amount of extra time taken).

On the right side of the toolbar are the following tools: Copies selected text to the Windows clipboard.

Pastes text from the Windows clipboard into the selected field.

Opens the Windows Calculator.

Opens spreadsheet application for doing spreadsheet calculations.

Not available in current version of the Wiley CPA Examination Review product.

Opens this help file.

Splits the screen into a top and bottom section. The top section contains the tabs with information about the simulation. The bottom section contains the tabs with questions to be answered. To quit this simulation and go back to the initial selection screen, click this button. A message will pop up to confirm quitting this simulation. Click Yes to quit and return to the initial screen. Click No to stay on the current screen. Click Done to move on to the next simulation or the reports. A message will pop up asking for confirmation before moving on (you will not be able to come back to the simulation). Click Yes to save and continue. Click No to stay on the current screen.


There are many different types of questions presented in simulations. The initial tab or tabs contain information about the simulation which will be necessary for answer the questions contained on the rest of the tabs. The type of questions include the following:

  • Yes/No or True/False type questions – These questions contain a checkbox that can be either checked or not checked. This type question is graded and will appear as part of the final grade for the exam.

  • Multiple choice questions – Multiple choice questions can take various formats within the simulation questions. In some instances, a drop down list of possible answers will be presented and the correct answer should be chosen. Another multiple choice presentation includes a grid with select choices for letters defined in a table above questions. Click the box with the letter that answers the question. This type question is graded and will appear as part of the final grade for the exam.

  • Short answer questions – For this type question, a text box is displayed for entering the user answer. The answer may be a number determined by a calculation, a citation reference, or a single word. This type question is graded and will appear as part of the final grade for the exam.

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