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Chapter 4 – Studying for an Exam (Study mode) Question Selection Screen

The Question Selection Screen is available only if the Study Mode has been selected in the Exam Selection Screen. This screen allows you to decide which modules and question types you will work with during your study session. Questions are selected from the Available Question window and loaded into the Se- lected Question window before you can begin the study session. The Question Selection (? Selection) button accesses a special feature that allows you to establish the question selection criteria for the study session.


This window displays the available modules and their associated question types based upon the section selected in the Exam Selection Screen. To view the associated question types, double click on a module name and the question types associated with that module appear. For example, if you select Internal Con- trol from the Auditing and Attestation Section you will get subsections for Multiple-Choice and Simula- tions. Double clicking on one of these subsections will expand the available questions list.

To select more than one question at a time, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click the mouse on the applicable questions or hold down the Shift key and click the mouse over a large block of questions.


This button accesses a special feature of this program, the Automatic Question Selection Screen. This feature provides you with the tools to concentrate your study session on areas that need work. The Auto- matic Question Selection Screen is comprised of three sections: Question Quantity or Percentage by Type, Question Criteria, and Modules. These sections allow you to control the number of questions asked by type and in total, plus determine the criteria for question selection from the Available Question window.

The Question Quantity or Percentage by Type section lists the two question types: Multiple-Choice and Simulation. You determine the number of questions or percentage of questions from each question type by entering the applicable number or using the arrow keys located next to the edit box to increase or decrease the number of questions to be asked.

The Question Criteria section allows you to limit which questions may be selected for your study ses- sion through the use of available criteria limits. You may select from all questions, limit to those not yet seen, or limit by number of times seen. If you wish to review questions already answered, you can limit by the number of times answered correctly or incorrectly. You may enter the applicable number in any nu- meric edit box or use the arrow keys located to the right of the box to increase or decrease the number.

Once OK is selected, the criteria entered in this screen is used to select questions from the Available Question window and place the questions in the Selected Question window. Once the selection process is complete, a message box appears indicating the number of questions that meet the criteria as set forth in the Automatic Question Selection Screen.

Once questions are selected in the Available Question window, you may use the Add Selected Questions button to load only the highlighted questions into the Selected Questions window.

The Add All Questions button selects all questions from every available module in the Available Question window. Depending on the amount of questions and your computer’s memory constraints, this may take approximately thirty seconds to select and load the information in the Selected Question window.

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