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Studying for an Exam

Previous Question

Choosing this option will move you back one question. This function is not available when you are on the first question.

Next Question

Choosing this option will move you forward one question. When you are on the last question and choose Next you will view a progress report.


Choose reports to view your grading history. Keep saving your work to the same file to get an overview of your progress.

Results for the last seven sessions plus a combined report will be shown for either Exam Mode or Study Mode, whichever you are running.

NOTE: If you go back to the exam from the report screen and then reenter the report screen, a new report will be generated.


If at any time you need to stop the timer, you may choose Pause to do so. This will disable question navi- gation and answering of questions until the timer is resumed. Also, the timer will stop until it is resumed.


If you have the Windows Calculator installed, you may access it by choosing this option. Alternately, you may press F6 to load the calculator.

Status Bar This option toggles to show the status bar or not.

Display Explanations This option toggles whether the explanations will be viewed in the Multiple-Choice and Simulations.

The following options will only be found on the View Menu in a Multiple-Choice Question.

Hint Click on Hints to see additional information related to the particular question. Press [Esc] or click any-

where on the screen to close the hint.

TextLink Click on Textlink to link to text specific material and graphics in the CPA Examination Review

. The

TextLink information provides you with complete coverage of the topics.

Feedback Click on Feedback to see the explanations.

The following options will only be on the View Menu in written communication requirement of a Simula- tion.

Answer Click on the Answer link to view the question answer and compare your response.

Explanation Click on the Explanation link while in Study Mode to view answer explanations.

Exam Results Click on Exam Results to be taken directly to the Reports.

Bookmark Menu Add Mark

Choosing this option will bookmark the current question. You can add any notes to this question by en- tering them in the notes box located at the bottom of the screen and then bookmark the question by select- ing this option or click the Bookmark button (book icon in lower left corner). Once bookmarked, the question will be added to a list of bookmarked questions located in the pull-down box located in the lower right-hand corner. To return to any of these bookmarked questions, select the appropriate question from the list or use the navigation buttons located in the top row of buttons.

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