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Chapter 1 – Getting to Know Wiley CPA Examination Review 12.0 for Windows®

Special Features

The Wiley CPA Examination Review 12.0 for Windows conforms to exam specifications effective April 2004, contains all current AICPA content requirements in each subject, and covers all question forms and formats, including simulations.

ce questions are linked to text specific material in the CPA Examination Review textbooks and organized in the same 45 manageable study modules. The TextLink information provides you with complete coverage and explanation of the topics. This feature can be accessed by pressing F3 from the multiple-choice screen in Study Mode.

actual exam conditions.

question status (not seen before, answered incorrectly, and so forth).

incorrect answers fall short.

Installing Wiley CPA Examination Review 12.0

System Requirements

SINGLE USER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS To run the SETUP procedure, please do the following: CD-ROM Installation

  • 1.

    Place CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

  • 2.

    From the Start menu, select RUN.

  • 3.

    Type: D:\SETUP (where D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive)

  • 4.

    Press Enter.

  • 5.

    The installation process will begin.

The installation procedure consists of a series of questions and answers. You may cancel the operation at any time by clicking on the Cancel button.

The installation process is completely menu driven, with occasional prompts for the names of directo- ries and disk changes. Simply follow the prompts on the screen. The SETUP program will search your hard drive for existing versions of the Wiley CPA Examination Review 12.0. If this is the first time you have installed the Wiley CPA Examination Review 12.0 on your machine, a full installation will be initiated. If the program finds an existing version, you will be prompted to overwrite (if an update) or you will be given the option of selecting a new directory in which to install this program. Otherwise, the program will prompt you with a default directory, which you can change if you wish.

The installation process will now copy the Wiley CPA Examination Review 12.0 program from CD- ROM to the designated directory with the selected installation mode.

You are now ready to begin. We hope you enjoy studying with the Wiley CPA Examination Review 12.0.

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