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Getting Started

Exam Mode

The Exam Mode walks you through a sample examination applicable to the section selected. It simulates actual exam conditions, complete with a timer/clock that shows your time remaining for completing the exam. When you select Exam Mode you will be given an exam of randomly selected questions from all of the questions available for the chosen section. The number of questions you will view depends on the section selected.

Study Mode

The Study Mode is designed to provide you with the tools to zero in on areas that need work and select question types based on your criteria. In the Exam Selection Screen, click on Study Mode to begin study- ing.

In either mode, the Answer File Selection box will appear when the button is selected. The Answer File Selection box allows you to use a previous answer file or begin study with a new answer file. If Exam Mode is selected, the next screen will be the first question of the exam. If Study Mode is selected, the next screen will be the Question Selection Screen.


The Wiley CPA Examination Review will save the results of each study and exam session. Upon opening a session, you will be prompted to choose the name of an answer file. The first time in, choose New Answer File and name the file appropriately (up to twenty-five characters). It may be useful to distinguish between study and exam mode answer files in the file name. Each subsequent time you run the program you can then choose from new or existing answer files.

To allow for the use of the Automatic Question Selection Criteria, you should try to save each session to the same file. We allow the use of multiple answer files to give you flexibility and allow you to tailor your study sessions.

You may, for example, want to save each title that you study to a different answer file. You may also want to save study sessions and exam sessions to different answer files. You can then use the exam answer file during a study mode to select from all of the questions you answered incorrectly on the exam.

If you select New Answer File, you will then go to the Question Selection Screen (for Study Mode) or the first question in your exam (Exam Mode). If you choose Existing Answer File, select an available an- swer file from the drop-down list.

Select an answer file name and choose OK. You then have the option of starting where you left off in the old session or starting a new session. If you elect to resume, you will be taken to the last question you were on in the old session. Otherwise, you will be taken to the first question in Exam Mode or the Ques- tion Selection Screen in Study Mode.

Exam Selection Screen Menu Bar


This option allows you to rename the current answer file and save it as a separate answer file. All previous study or exam sessions, including the most recent session, will be saved under both file names.


Exits Wiley CPA Examination Review to Windows. You will be prompted to confirm that you do want to leave the program.


Status Bar Toggles the status bar on and off.

Study Mode Explanation

The Wiley CPA Examination Review program defaults to display answer explanations automatically in study mode. Once an answer is selected, it can be changed, but the first answer is the answer logged for reporting purposes. You can change the default setting by toggling this option.

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