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molding and making me into the Wes I am today. It wasn't all easy going. And even after giving my heart to God there are some things I've done that I regret. But I never took my heart back, so God changed even that, and made all those things work together to bring about good.

Today I am satisfied with my life. I really love all the talents and abilities God gave me; and I use them to bless His people. I love people and I go about doing good like Jesus did. And you know that churning in my stomach? Gone! I lost it before it ever developed into an ulcer. The thing God taught me that changed my life more than anything else is that: My only purpose here is to give and receive love and forgiveness. When I practice that I'm walking in the steps of Jesus.

by Wes Allen 864 words 5 to 7 minutes

The Memory Man from Fort Worth, Texas

Within the first few weeks of my walk with God, He gave me Memory Techniques. I didn’t know at that time, that God had anything to do with that. That same Outreach Minister who baptized us invited my wife and me to a Positive Thinking Rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

We listened to motivational speakers like Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley, Norman Vincent Peale, and others. Then it was Billy Burden’s turn to speak. He had met 100 people coming in, locked their names to their faces, and gave them his business card. When he walked up on the stage, he had all the people stand to whom he had given a business card and a seat up front. As he called out each one by name they sat down until no one remained standing.

My Outreach friend was very impressed with that and with all the Memory Feats Billy performed. And he wanted to purchase a Memory Course and learn it quickly so he could remember the names of everyone who came into the church. It cost $120.00 and he didn’t want to spend that much so he asked me if I’d go halves with him. I had not yet developed the ability to say, “No” so I said, “Ok.”

He took the course home, copied all the tapes and literature, kept the copies, and gave me the originals. Now, when I spend $60.00 on something, I’m going to check it out and see what I bought. I listened to the first tape and was immediately fascinated.

Within 30 minutes I had learned the first 50 memory hooks and was memorizing lists of items. I went around showing everyone what I could do. It boggled their minds. I memorized part numbers and parts lists. I memorized a list of the muscles in the human body. I memorized all the song titles in the church hymnal and knew on what page to find each one. I memorized all the books of the Bible and the number of chapters in each one. I began locking Scripture into memory. I had to adapt the Memory System to suit my needs.

Then I began to take classes in college. That too was from God. I “aced” everything because I knew how to picture it into memory. Professors would excuse me from taking tests and final exams at times saying, “You’ll just get another “A” and an “F” wouldn’t hurt your grade point average. After several years of classes, I graduated with high honors; but my grade point average had slipped down to 3.91. That’s still pretty good, even for a perfectionist.

I was separated from my wife in 1989 and was divorced in 1991. I began attending Divorce Recovery at Richland Hills Church of Christ in May of 91. Three years later I was asked to leave Divorce Recovery.

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