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do any of it on my own. I started researching American history and writing about it. Everything I memorized, I typed up. I began getting faster and faster at typing too. I used to type a hundred words…in about a week. Now I type 50 or 60 words a minute, I think, but who’s counting?

So now I have seven historical documents in memory: The Mayflower Compact, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address, I Have a Dream, and Awakened to Danger and Called to Defend Freedom. And the scripture I have memorized is: The Sermon on the Mount, the book of Philippians, the book of Romans, The Sermon on the Mount in Spanish, and I started memorizing Revelations. And now I have the 23rd Psalm.

I memorized eleven chapters of Revelation, and then I quit and put it on the back burner for now. I didn’t respond immediately when God told me to memorize The Sermon on the Mount in Spanish either. I procrastinate at the hard stuff. But God always provides a way to do it. Revelation is hard because in order to present it properly, I have to understand it. I have to know what I’m talking about. I have to know why I’m saying what I’m saying. But God opens my mind to understand everything.

In 2002, I wrote a letter to George Bush and told him what I do with history, leading people to a deeper love for our country, our heritage, and to God who gave us our freedom here. I told him what I do with Memory Techniques and how they would really revolutionize our education system and make America the smartest nation on Earth.

A month after that I received a call from the White House. That was on November 11 of 2002. I was at work and they had to leave a message. I’m hearing impaired. I couldn’t listen to my answering machine back then. On the 26th of November a friend listened to my messages. She said, “Did you know you have a call from the White House?”

“Really! What does it say?”

“It’s from Tom Delay’s office. It’s Lisa Van Slyke. They want you to fill out a questionnaire for a press release because they want to honor you with the National Leadership Award.”

I said, “Call her back. Ask her what I should do now.” She called and we were told to go to a website and fill out the questionnaire. I was brand new on the Internet back then. I managed to find the website, but not the questionnaire.

I said, “Call her again. See what I should do now.”

My friend said, “Just calm down and wait patiently. You don’t have to do anything. They are just going to give you that award.” Well, I’m still waiting. I can’t have everything. But it would be nice.

At times I conduct seminars and classes to give people some of the techniques I use to memorize. Anyone can arrange to schedule a seminar, the bigger the group the better. And it can be free if I have a chance of selling memory courses to pay for my time. If you had Memory Techniques, what would you do with them? What would your specialty be? If you decide you want something, go after it with all your heart. God will honor that. He will make things happen in your life. If you know what I know, you can do what I do.

It wasn’t until 2003 that it finally dawned on me that I was speaking God’s word and our history; and that’s what He had His prophets in the Old Testament doing, speaking His word and their history. I didn’t decide to do that. God lead me into it. God is in our history just like He was in the

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