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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


The play explores the stress of being a new mother, the influence of previous generations on women, and how a life of safe choices may leave one unfulfilled. Carole, a new mother, learns to understand herself and her own mother better. As the play opens, Carole is found hyperventilating under the kitchen table. Her new baby, Dina, is upstairs. Carole is conversing with her dead Nana Elsie, who panics about everything to do with babies. Carole also talks to a Young Elsie. The story of Elsie is revealed; in short, she married for stability and not for love. Carole chooses to live fully, with greater risk of hurt and happiness. Thus, Carole emerges from under the kitchen table to enjoy her baby.



“Jane's Thumb.” Ambience. Producer Kelley Jo Burke. Ambience. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. 7, Oct. 1996. 12:00. A very expectant single mother, Jane, converses with her unborn child, Thumbelina. They help each other through the last days of pregnancy and childbirth. When the child is born, it is a boy. Jane realizes that the Thumbelina she was talking to was herself.

Burnard, Bonnie. “Nice Girls Don’t Tell.” Morningside. With Tricia Allen, Kate Gregg, and Gaye Burgess. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan Regina. ARCSK14165T1 or R-14165. 4 Apr. 1989. 14:24. Three women meet annually at a beachside cottage to celebrate their birthdays and discuss their lives, Dutch’s promiscuity, and generally renew acquaintances. Ruby, a beautiful woman in her forties has only ever slept with one man, her husband. Anne serves as the narrator. Her husband died unexpectedly when she was 36. Anne has had more than one lover, but not many. Dutch has had 49 men. She talks a lot about them. Tensions arise when Anne refuses to talk about her latest affair because, “Nice girls don’t tell.” But all is made better when they decide to make a detailed list of all of their past lovers as they drink until dawn.

Burns, Cliff. “Walking Ernie.” Ambience. With Lew Weatherall, Gaye Burgess, Kent Allen, and Sharron Bakker. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK13526T1 or R-13526. [no date]. 25:00. The weekly trials that surround a weekly family ritual. Shirley, with her boyfriend Ted, makes her weekly visit to her mentally-handicapped brother Ernie to take him for a walk to the park. Shirley loses her temper and the visit ends earlier than expected.

Caruso, Donna. “The Fig Tree.” The Arts Wrap. With Dianne D’Aquila, Frank Ruffo, Toni Ellwand, and Vince Corazza. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK14294T1 or R-14294. 17 Sept. 1995. 20:00. About Italian immigrant parents, Concetta and Dominick, adjusting to their Canadian-ized children, Franchesca, Maria, and Alfonse. Cossetta narrates. Dominick, a shoemaker, works in his garden to alleviate the guilt he feels for leaving his parents in Italy. As a result, the kids tell their

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