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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


mother everything. As Dominick plants his fig tree to honour his parents, Concetta learns that: her oldest, Francesca, is pregnant by the gynecologist she lives with. The two will wed next month; Maria, the middle child, is in love with Arnie, a Protestant, and wants to marry in a church, in June, in her mother’s wedding dress; and Alfonse, youngest, in a rock band that has broken up and wants to learn his father’s trade and work with him. Concetta prepares a wonderful meal to get Dominick happy enough to tell him. He sees through the ruse and asks for the news. To Concetta’s surprise, he finds it all great news. He wonders why the children wouldn’t be there to tell him themselves. In the end, Dominick is happy, and vows to be more open to his family.



“Zini and Zaba: Together Again.” Studio One: Stories Made for Radio. Ed. Wayne Schmalz. Regina, Coteau: 1990. 95-107. Broadcast on Ambience. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK11167T1. 12 Nov. 1988. 20:00. Small town psychic, Madam Zini, lives alone with her talking cat Tuxedo. Zini gets a ride to choir practice with the new man in town, Vern Zaba. At choir practice, she flirts with George, but takes Vern home for a drink. There he learns all about the spirit world and reincarnation. It so happens that in a former life, Zini was his wife and trapeze partner. He dropped her to her death because of her affair with the lion tamer. The lion tamer spontaneously combusted and re-incarnated as a lion who telephones Zini from time to time. Vern is freaked out both by this story and by the fact that he can understand Tuxedo. Vern spontaneously combusts. Zini takes it in stride, as if it's not new, and life presses on.

Cornish, Kerri. “Mildred's 104th Birthday Extravaganza.” Gallery. Produced by Kelley Jo Burke. Recorded at CBC Saskatchewan, 5 Jun. 2000. 12:00. Mildred heads out on the town with Harriet on her 104th birthday. She grabs some hip fashions and heads to a rave. There she is spotted by her great-granddaughter, Josie. Great granddaughter calls her mom to come get Mildred, who is found stripping on the table in a nearby restaurant. Mildred is returned home by her granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

Crail, Archie. “The Returnee.” Gallery. With: Nicky Guadagni, Merrill Mathews, Welcome Ngozi, and Wayne Bowman. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK14290T1 or R-14290. 3 Jan. 1996. [no time]. Two women on a South African Farm, Mistress, Hermien, and Maid, Mieta, are visited by Joseph, a black South African man recently returned from Canada. Joseph’s car has broken down on the way to speak to a meeting of the ANC. Hermien goes out of her way, and against her husband’s standing orders, to show that “things are different now.” She offers Joseph tea off a tray, a room in their house, and a place at their table. Mieta is furious. Hermien never thought to ask Mieta to come in from the back stoop, where she drinks her tea from a tin cup eats her supper. The play ends with Hermien getting everything ready. Everyone

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