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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


will eat dinner at the table. Hermien braces herself to tell her husband, Yohannes, that “things are different here.”

Crozier, Lorna, and Patrick Lane. “Chile.” Studio One: Stories Made for Radio. Ed. Wayne Schmalz. Regina, Coteau: 1990. 13-22. Broadcast on CBC Radio's State of the Arts. 4 Oct. 1987. 20:00. This blend of radio drama and radio feature was based on the two poets' Chilean journey in 1987, at the height of Pinochet's regime. They recorded stories, took notes, wrote poems – then returned and shaped it into a radio script including music, poetry, stories, and re-created statements from Chileans (the recorded stories from Chile were scripted and read by actors). The poets remember their trip, experiences, and the actors tell the stories recorded in Chile, many of which are stories of horrific torture and oppression.

Currie, Bob. “Running.” Ambience. Producer Kelley Jo Burke. Ambience Archives of Kelley Jo Burke. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. 28 Oct. 1999. 12:00. Ed is jogging. He is on his second marriage and fretting over his strained relationship with his daughter from his first marriage, Laurel. When he returns home, Ed and Laurel argue. It is revealed that Laurel and Ed’s strained relationship stems from an accident. Laurel had a brother, Robert. On a family vacation, Robert drowned in a river. Ed had hold of both Robert and Laurel, but had to drop one to save the other (and himself). Ed has relentlessly pushed Laurel to “live for two” ever since. At the end of the play, Laurel asks Ed if he ever wished he had saved Robert instead.

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    . “North of Moose Jaw.” Arts à la Carte. With James Brewer, Linda Huffman, Gabriel Prendergast, David McNally, Allan Bratt, and Kim McCaw. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK05346T1 or R-5346. 3 Mar. 1980. 30:00. Alec, a restless soul, is tired of his sod-house-life on the prairie near early twentieth century Moose Jaw. He is disillusioned by the drudgery of pioneer life. It is not as romantic as the “bloody boosters” made it out to be. Alec hears about high cattle prices in the Yukon. He leaves behind Jessie, his wife, and launches into a scheme to drive cattle north and sell them for great profits. After a grueling cattle drive, Alec and friends find out that Yukon cattle prices are only average. They barely get enough money to cover their costs. Alec writes to Jesse that he cannot return home until spring. Jessie is resolved not to spend another winter alone while Alec chases fortune and adventure.



“This Time of Year in Triumph.” Ambience. With Stephen Arsenytch, Ken Kramer, and Victor Young. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK09388T1 or R-9388. 25 Aug. 1984. 8:00. Three men of Triumph, a small Saskatchewan town, tell three stories about a fatal car crash. The crash involved two young men, Earl Hacker, who survived, and Jason Thorton, who died. Jason’s Grandpa blames the

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