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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


bootlegger who sold the boys booze. The bootlegger blames Jason; Floyd believes Jason was driving while Earl slept in the back seat. Earl Hacker is consumed by guilt. Earl was driving the car, but after Jason died in the crash, Earl blamed Jason.

Dales, Kim and Roy Morrissey. “Auld Acquaintance.” Ambience. Ten episodes. With Ken Kramer, Gaye Burgess, Carol Gay Bell, Bill Vickers, Stephen Walsh, Mark Wilson, Josh Meissner, Jean Freeman, Bill Hugli, Stephen Fielden, Stephen Arsenych, Brian Way, and Chris Scott. Producer Wayne Schmalz. Includes archives audio from Saskatchewan Archives Board, Birdsong Films, and the NDP. ARCSK09898T1 through ARCSK10017 or R-9898 to R-10017. 12 Jul. 1986 through 13 Sept. 1986. Ten Episodes, each between 11:00 and 17:00. Note: With archives audio of Tommy Douglas’s speeches from Saskatchewan Archives Board, Birdsong Films, and the NDP. (see ep. 10 thanks) From the R-9898 text files: The drama follows the struggles of retired journalist OJ Barr who is writing a book about Douglas. From the 1930s to the 1970s Barr worked for a newspaper that was ideologically opposed to Douglas’s politics. Barr shared the newspaper’s sentiments, but at the same time was fascinated by this highly successful and engaging politician. Barr finds that his anxieties about Douglas’s politics, first encountered during his newspaper days, are rekindled as he attempts to write this book. Plot summary: Barr is going through old tapes of Tommy Douglas’s speeches and remembering both his career and Douglas’s. Barr’s health is failing. As he passes between the present and memories, he becomes more incoherent. Finally, he dies with only the voice of Douglas echoing through his tortured mind.





“Hammersmith.” Ambience. Five episodes (only four seem to have aired). With Anne Wright, Ken Kramer, Stephen Arsenych, and Victor Young. Producer Wayne Schmalz. Series produced for Morningside. Episode 1 ARCSK09406T1 or R-9406 - 5 Jan. 1985; Episode 2, ARCSK09407T1 or R-9407 - 12 Jan. 1985; Episode 3, ARCSK09408 or R-9408 - 26 Jan. 1985; Episode 4, ARCSK09409 or R-9409 – 2 Feb. 1985; Times range from 9:00 to 16:00. Total 85:00. Note: Unaired Episode (originally 3/5), ARCSK10357T1/T2 or R-10357. Plot: A comic treatment of two city folks, Anne and Michael, who are trying to start over on a farm. With the help of two local Ukrainian farmers, Matt and Steve, the couple learns about perogie contests, digging wells, birthing calves, and generally getting along in the country.

“Reunion.” Ambience. With Robert Seale, Carla Glenn, Steve Arsenych. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK09133T1 or R- 9133. [no date] 33:00. Three siblings meet after their father’s funeral to discuss his estate. Doug is the oldest son. He is bitter at not being named in the will. Despite his

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