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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


father’s having already bought Doug and his pregnant girlfriend a house. The middle child, Billy, has stayed on the farm and hopes to continue to work it. He has inherited all but the home quarter, which was left to his mom. Tracy, the youngest child and only daughter, came home to look out for her mom. Doug disagrees that he got his inheritance early in the form of a house in town and wants to start an orchard in B.C. Tracy and Billy decide to pay Doug, in order to be free of him.



“Turbine Time.” Morningside. 5 Episodes. Morningside. Each episode approx. 20 minutes. With David Ferry, Gary Farmer, Roger Dunn, Tom Butler, Nancy Palk, Joe Mathieson, Nicole Evans, Wayne Robson, Billy Morasty, Shirley Cheechoo, Eve Crawford, Sharon Lewis, George Mernard, Don McNeil, Kay Hawtree, David Hughes, Judy Sinclair, Shawn Laurence, and James Edmund. Producer/Director Wayne Schmalz. (Drama Series) Executive Producer Barry Morgan. ARCSK14131T1, ARCSK14131T2, ARCSK14131T3, ARCSK14132T1, ARCSK14132T2 or R-14131, R-14132, R-14133, R-14134, R- 14135. Produced: 9 March, 1987. Aired: 6 February, 1987. Five episodes, from 10:00 to 15:00. Sandy is a young bush-pilot who comes to La Ronge to increase his flying hours or “Turbine Time.” The 5 episodes track his progress over his first year in the north. He flies fish shipments, drunken tourists/sportsmen, and medivac flights. He learns how stories can get overblown among a story- loving folk, gets experience flying, falls into and out of love, and has re- current visions of an old native man, “Old Crow”, who appears to him in visions. Crow tells Sandy he's got Indian blood in him and he should know his stories. Crow tells a creation story through visions. Sandy's “Legend” is as follows: Sandy almost has to divert a medivac flight to land on the highway due to fog on the lake. At the last minute, the fog lifts, and he lands conventionally. By the end of the year (even Sandy tells it this big, to make fun of someone collecting stories from “the north”), the story is he was transporting an axe-murderer (with an axe stuck in his head) who wiped out a whole town on the way to the hospital

  • the plane is found abandoned on the highway – the pilot and murderer

are never seen again.

Danika, Elly. “Jane’s Story.” Ambience. With Paula Costain, Susan Williamson, Kate Gregg, Stephen Arsenych, Billy Morton, Bill Hugli, and Louise Handford. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK14043. 24 June 1996. [no time]. An adaptation of the first chapters of Elly Danika’s book Marsh Boden which tells the stories of young women who immigrate to Saskatchewan for work. Ede Walters is what Danika describes as an “interrogator character” who asks pointed questions about her family’s past.

Daniels, Greg. “Night Driving.” Ambience. Producer Kelley Jo Burke. Archives of Kelley Jo Burke. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. 16 Mar. 1988. 10:00.

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