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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


A First-Nations couple, Natalie and Robert, are driving to Winnipeg. They are fighting. Robert is nit-picking, chauvinistic, and jealous. They pick up a hitchhiker, Neil. Robert is hungry, so they pull over and have a wiener-roast. Natalie and Robert are still arguing. Neil leaves to find another ride. Natalie leaves Robert behind. Robert follows Neil, thus afflicting Neil with his presence.

Deverell, Rex. “And Did the Dog See This?” Arts à la Carte. With Gordon Tootoosis, Kim McKaw, Grace Adam, Steven Ostenitch, and Gabriel Prendergast. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05340T1. 9 Mar. 1980. 20:00. Piapot has been jailed for holding the Sun Dance. His grandson, Harry, comes to visit and hears Piapot tell the story of his life. Harry is struggling to fit in at the “Presbyterian Industrial School” where he hopes to “learn a trade.” Like Harry, Piapot spent most of his life caught between different cultures, whether as a Cree in the Sioux camp he grew up in, or as a chief trying to come to terms with the advancing hordes of white men, the railroad, and the disappearance of the buffalo. It is unclear at the end of the play if Harry has found comfort in his grandfather's story, but he does leave with a stronger link to his past.





“The Composer.” Ambience. With Ken Kramer and Michael Scholar. Music by Harold Sherman. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05347T1. 27 Sept. 1980. 15:00. A Composer wakes to the clock radio and hears a music critic panning his latest creation. The Composer sits at his piano to compose. While working, he imagines himself in the future looking back on a famous life. He uses this future persona to cheer himself up. Along the way, themes of art, self-doubt, and creation are explored.

“Love Scenes.” Anthology. With Elizabeth Moulton, Ken Kramer, and Gabriel Prendergast. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05361. Jan 1979. 55:00. Commissioned by CBC for Festival Regina 1978, the play was recorded as performed live. A complex plot unfolds with actors speaking between scenes about love and the characters they are playing. The enacted scenes explore variations of opportunities found and lost in several relationships.

Deverell, Rex and Wayne Schmalz. “The Riel Commission: An Inquiry into the Survival of a People - part 1 of 5.” Studio One: Stories Made for Radio. Ed. Wayne Schmalz. Regina, Coteau: 1990. 61-79. First Broadcast on CBC National Radio starting 12 May 1985.



“The Riel Commission: An Inquiry into the Survival of a People.” CBC Regina.

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