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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


A blind mother and daughter, Mrs. McGowan and Verna respectively, reminisce about the events surrounding the years-before disappearance of Vance, Mrs. McGowan's son and Verna's brother. Mrs. McGowan has offered a reward for information, and Verna is helping screen out frauds. Every potential source of information has been a fraud. Verna tells the story again of how Vance, shoe store manager, disappeared from Saskatoon soon after his wife, Beebee, went to Regina to film a movie. The only trace of Vance was his car abandoned outside of Calgary. During the course of remembering, Verna tells her mother about her weekly bridge-club sex-romps and that she's happy with her life. Verna tells her mother that this will be the last time she will meet with potential informants.

Grace, Susan Andrews. “Moira, Molly, Mairead.” With Wendy Agnew, Sharon Bakker, Susan Williamson, Lew Weatherall, Stephen Gregg, Stephen Arsenych, and Jim Timmins. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK14158T4 or R-14161. Recorded at CBC Regina 9 Nov. 1988. [no time]. A mystical story about the spiritual link between Mairead, a woman in 1500s Ireland, and her descendents Moira, and daughter Molly (referred to as Crone, Mother, and Maiden). Molly learns from Mairead that “It’s women who know things, Molly” and “All you have to do is wish and you’ll affect the future.” Molly meets her parents in the past and wishes them well.

Hunt, Dennis. “Growing.” Ambience. With Henry Woolf and Susan Williamson. Producer Kelley Jo Burke. Ambience Archives of Kelley Jo Burke. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. [no date]. 9:00. A fantastic tale of Jack, of beanstalk fame, and Jane, A.K.A. Miss Muffet, who are now retired and trying to adapt to old age. Every day, Jack climbs the beanstalk to bellow his anger over being old and tired to “the Giant”, who could be a god-figure. The play ends with Jack and Jane deciding to climb the beanstalk together.

Innes, David. “Air Ambulance.” Summerfallow. With Peg Dixon, Beth Lockerby, Hugh Webster, and Douglass Master. Producer Frank Nicolson. ARCSK10603T3. CBK, Saskatchewan. 16 July 1960. 30:00. This docudrama tells the story of the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance Service in its sixteenth year of operation. A reporter character named Jack Craig arrives to interview members of the Saskatchewan Air Ambulance Service. They provide Jack with stories and facts about the service while the listener follows the pilot and air ambulance nurse on several flights to transport sick and injured patients to Regina for treatment. The listener learns the air ambulance now flies about 1,000 missions a year and has carried over 12,000 patients in its sixteen-year history, from polio victims in need of an iron lung, to injured farmers, and women delivering babies. The play concludes with Jack dramatically pronouncing, “This is a story

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