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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK12776T1. 5 January, 1991. [no time]. A dramatized poem exploring the romance of train travel one year after VIA rail passenger service was cut. The narrative rhythm is very train-like as the two narrators lament and reminisce as the passenger train between Edmonton and Saskatoon makes its last run.

Kondratoff, Nolan and Jason Shabatoski. “LIBERAL MAN: 3-2-1 SEPARATION!.” Gallery. Produced by Kelley Jo Burke. Recorded at CBC Saskatchewan. Mixed 19 May, 1999. 10:00. Liberal Man, Jean Chrétien’s after-dark-alter-ego, fights the separatist threat with the help of his sidekick, Liberal Lass, A.K.A. Sheila Copps. Upon hearing their arch-nemesis Separatist Man has stolen rocket fuel to separate Quebec into the sky, they rush to their car, the Liberal Bandwagon, to thwart him. Liberal Man and Liberal Lass overcome many obstacles like the Referendum Ray, Sovereignty Sleeping Gas and being forced to watch Canadian Documentaries of Preston Manning and Joe Clark discussing uniting the right while nude.

Margoshes, Dave. “Gag.” With Lew Weatherall, Bill Vickers, Connie Schiffle, Sara Haywood, and Stephen Hilton. Producer/Director – Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK14083T1or R-14083. December 1990. [no time]. Wally is a gag-writer. He once wrote for “the greats”: Jack Benny, Jackie Gleason, Jimmy Durante. Now, he writes gags for nudie-mag cartoonists and burlesque club intros. Wally meets Jesus, who is unsatisfied with the confusion and misrepresentation surrounding his teachings and wants to make a come-back on Johnny Carson. Wally is to write gags for Jesus’ comeback. Wally comes up with a sight gag for Carson; Jesus slips on a banana peel, falls, but never lands. It’s to be a comic miracle to show the world that “it's just as easy to be kind.”

Marken, Ron. “Almost Like Being a Man.” Arts à la Carte. With Sharon Wall, Kim McCaw, Linda Huffman, and Carole Gay Bell. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK(R-5341). 22 Mar. 1980. 25:00. The arrival of a touring company of Ibsen’s then-controversial play A Doll’s House causes a stir in the young city of Saskatoon circa 1909. The controversy of the play is paralleled in the home of Elizabeth. She is a local banker’s wife who lands a bit-part in the show. Alan, her husband, is mortified that she would be in such an immoral show. The controversy surrounding the play is that a woman would walk out on her family and home. Marken’s play ends in a similar manner to Ibsen’s. Elizabeth insists she will be in the play and that things will have to change in her house before she will return.

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