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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


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    . “The Squire’s Bride.” Arts à la Carte. With Ken Kramer, Gabriel Prendergast,

Deborah Stott, and Gariston Christjohn. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK05333T1 or R-5333. Jan 1980. 10:00. Based on the Norwegian Folk Tale by P.C. Asbjörnsen in which a rich and ugly squire desires a beautiful farmer’s daughter, but he is tricked into marrying a horse instead.

Menard, Andrea. “The Velvet Devil.” Ambience. With Andrea Menard. Music co-written by Robert Walsh. Producer Kelley Jo Burke. Ambience Archives of Kelley Jo Burke. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. 2001. 50:00. Note: This one-woman show has been produced as a radio play, as a stage play, and will soon be released in film form. A Métis singer, Velvet Laurent A.K.A. The Velvet Devil, returns home from Toronto to perform a benefit show in honour of her deceased mother, Willy Laurent. Velvet left home to seek stardom and found it. Once in Toronto, she made it big on the radio, loved and lost, and made the most of her shot at fame. By running away to Toronto Velvet removed herself from her Métis heritage, her Métis community, her family (mostly her mother), and her mother's values. Singing was sacred to Willy, and Velvet feels guilty about using her voice for profit. When Velvet speaks of her mother's voice, she says Willy Laurent “sang to talk to God”; Velvet, however feels she sang “to talk to the devil.” Finally, by singing her mother's songs, Velvet finds a measure of peace.

Misfeldt, James. “The Boarding House.” Ambience. With Duncan Fraser and Louise Hardford. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCHSK10155T1. 31 Jan. 1987. 20:00. It appears a medical student and a waitress are conversing in a boarding house. They talk about life, death, socialism, class-ism, religion, and dime store philosophy for a while before the man gets violent, tries to assault the woman, rips her blouse... but it all dissipates in a confusing turn of events when the scene appears to be revealed as an audition for some kind of play.





“My Place is Here.” Ambience. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan Regina. ARCSK14096 or R-14096. 10 Apr. 1989. [no time]. Father and son, Itch, are on the road. Itch insists they are going camping. He repeatedly warns his dad not to drink. His father, however, starts to muse about sticking around the town. Their Car needs fixing. Itch and a waitress start up a conversation. Itch reveals his dream of traveling. The waitress repeats “My place is here.” The play seems to be a pre-curser to the Walk the Line (below).

“Walk the Line” Episodes 1 through 5. ARCSK14074T1 or R-14074. 19 Apr. 1985. [no times.] Itch is older and living in the small town were he and his father stayed after their broke-down (in My Place is Here). Itch’s dad is drinking again.

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