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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


Itch is haunted by his mother's drowning death. Everyone wonders whether or not it was suicide. Itch decides to run away to avoid getting stuck in the little town like his dad.

Mitchell, Ken. The Shipbuilder. Saskatoon: Fifth House Publishers, 1990. Mitchell’s fictionalized account of the life and trials of Tomas Sukanen, whom Mitchell renames Jaanus Karkulainen. It traces Jaanus’ epic dream (of building a ship on which he can sail home to Finland), Jaanus’s fights with his neighbours, and Jaanus’s perceived madness that lead to his commitment to a psychiatric hospital.

Morgan, Martha. “The Encapsulation of Marvin Beale.” Ambience. With David Beairsto, Robert Seale, Jean Freeman, Josh Meisner, Bill Hugli, Christian Scott, Richard Mortimer, John Buller, Stephen Fielden, and Kim Hedoborski. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK09510T1 or R-9510. 14 Sept. 1985. 30:00. Marvin is overwhelmed by junk mail. At home, his frustration leads to Marvin getting into a fight with the paperboy and the paperboy’s father. At work, Marvin throws the photocopier out of a window to prevent a co- worker from copying a joke. In court for his actions, Marvin is sentenced to counseling. Marvin’s court-appointed psychologist is an inept fool who spouts trite pop-psychology while not listening to Marvin. Uncured of his obsession, Marvin burns his junk mail at home. The resulting blaze burns down his garage. Marvin returns to court and is sentenced -- at the suggestion of his psychologist -- to work delivering flyers.





“Hats, Gloves, and Tuna Sandwiches.” Ambience. With Jane Casson, Kent Allen, and Lew Weatherall. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK11785T1 or R-11785. 18 Feb. 1989. 25:00. Two Golden-agers, Dorothy and Agnes, augment their diets by grabbing sandwiches from weddings, funerals, lectures, etc. While at the funeral of a stock broker, Dorothy and Agnes make a comment in front of Mr. Wallace, the stockbroker’s murderer. Wallace misconstrues the comment and thinks that the two old ladies are onto his plan to embezzle money, kill his partner and steal his partner’s wife. Wallace kills Dorothy. He would have killed Agnes too, but the police arrived too soon and thwart his plan. Wallace is discovered hiding in Agnes’s closet. Agnes remains ignorant as to what she and Dorothy set in motion, thinking Wallace was angry about their stealing of the funeral sandwiches.

“The Medicine Show” 5 Episodes. With Karen Barker, David Beairsto, Jane Roth Casson, Ken Kramer, Louise Handford, Darlene Bradley, Chris Dodson, Elizabeth Ebbels, Kate Gregg, Margaret Martin, Rita Deverell, Stephen Gregg, and Bill Hugli. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina.

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