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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


ARCSK14149T1 through ARCSK14149T5 or R-14149 through R-14153. 23-27 May, 1988. [no times] It’s the 1930s and the Depression rages. A medicine show (complete with the world’s oldest woman, “Princess Wakahoni”, an exotic dancer, and the medicine showman’s blind son, Bud) comes to town and causes a stir in the ordinarily routine town of Stony Gap. Alice leaves long-time suitor, Charles, to try life on her own terms. Her mother is much affronted. The medicine-show-man, the Professor, loses his wagon to a fire started by a careless mob started it after an 80-year-old woman died after purchasing medicine show ointments. The Professor leaves, but comes back for Alice, wins over her mother, and starts a used car business in town.





“Re-Runs.” Ambience. With Anne Wright, David Beairsto, Lew Weatherall, Stephen Arsenych, Jean Freeman, Stephen Fielding, Greg Morley, Bill Vickers, Gabriel Prendergast, Susan Kyle, and Bill Hugli. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK10049T1. 6 Dec. 1986. 20:00. Note: ARCSK14076T1 contains a version of “Re-Runs” with an extended introduction. In it, men are dealing with women rioting over the new Adam and Eve info. There’s even a preacher who seems to be doing a Tommy Douglas impression. An academic discovers an ancient scroll that states that it was Adam, not Eve, who first bit the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. World upheaval ensues as male dominated thought-patterns are rejected and replaced. A project to delve into ancestral memory follows. Susan is regressed back to Eve. Daniel records what she says. It is revealed that Eve was created first. Then the serpent told Eve to ask for a mate. God warns Eve that man will bring war, destruction, and pain to the earth. Eve convinces God to relent and man is unleashed upon the earth. Eve admits that “I have brought the scourge of man to the world. But such a sweet scourge.” As the experiment continues, divine power takes over. The program can’t be shut down. Daniel and Susan wake up in the garden of Eden. They are Adam and Eve. Eve takes charge, saying, “Here, have a fig leaf. Things are going to be a little different this time around.”

“The Tape Recorder.” Ambience. With Robert Clinton, Brenda Bassinet, and Kent Allen. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05355T1 or R-5355. 29 Nov. 1980. 20:00. Mavis and Ron visit Ron’s wealthy and eccentric uncle, Claude. Claude talks incessantly about all of his obsessions, like the plants in his conservatory. Ron visits to ensure his inheritance. Mavis barely tolerates these visits and jokes about killing Claude for his fortune. Claude goes on vacation, leaving Ron to water the plants. Claude sends back tape- recorded letters so Ron can play them for the plants. The more Ron listens to the tapes, the more he behaves like Claude. Mavis cannot stand this change and storms out of the house, after securing the knowledge that

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