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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays




“The Silence.” Ambience. With Beth Lischeron and David Beairsto. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK10150 or R-10150. 10 Aug. 1985. 30:00. A reporter comes to interview Frau Klause, an older German widow who lives on her dead husband’s farm in Alberta. Franz, Frau Klause’s husband, froze to death after falling and injuring himself in the farmyard. After Franz’s death, it became public that he was a German SS officer guilty of war crimes. The interviewer is writing a story about Franz. He wants Frau Klause to talk about her husband. Frau Klause remembers the silence of her neighbourhood as people disappeared in Nazi-occupied Europe. She learned the value of silence after the disappearance of her parents in Germany. She recalls, “I soon found that to speak certain words, certain questions, were dangerous. It is a useful thing, you know, to learn to keep silent.” After moving to Alberta, she observed the silence of neighbours: “they might have been suspicious [of Franz’s past] but, like me, they kept it to themselves.” After the reporter leaves, Frau Klause reveals (in a monologue) that Franz physically and emotionally tortured her for years after they moved to Canada. She watched her husband die alone in the snow. Frau Klause is free of the hell of her abusive husband. She now lives in self-imposed exile in the house where she lived that hell.

Robinson, J. Jill. “The Fall.” Producer Kelley Jo Burke. Ambience. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. [no date]. 16:30. The Fall deals with the irrevocably damaged relationship between mother and daughter. Daughter is on what she calls “duty visit number seven” trying to “face her mother; stand her mother.” Once, she saw her mom as glamorous, loving, and ideal. Now her mom is aging, planning for death, and angry. The mother-daughter relationship has deteriorated to the point where the daughter talks about seeking rebirth by another mother. She speaks of the wish to “drive myself into someone else’s womb” because her mother has “made me unfit for human consumption.” Daughter does reach back to her mother, but only to heap blame and bitterness upon her.

Robinson, Mansel. “The Education of Annie McBride.” Ambience. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK14282T1. 5 episodes. [no date/time]. through ARCSK14282T5 or R-14282 through R-14286. 26-29 June, 1995. 60-year-old Annie McBride gets a visit (a night-time break-in) from her great-nephew Zach, the grandson of her estranged sister Flo. Annie and Flo disagreed over the politics surrounding the Regina Riot. Flo was dating an On to Ottawa Trekker, Zachychuck, and Annie was dating an RCMP officer. Annie, a retired teacher, is a hard woman who believes “history is written by the winners” but the history of “the Depression was written by the losers.” A conversation with Zach starts her questioning her beliefs. Based on The Heart as it Lived.



“Ghost Trains.” Gallery. Producer Kelley Jo Burke. With Robert Benz, Scott

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