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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


Patrick, and Stewart MacDougall. Songs by Robinson/MacDougall. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. 2001. 52:00. An adaptation of Robinson’s Fringe play of the same name. A son returns home to visit his dying father, a retired brakeman. The son is helping his father die as best as he can. After the funeral, the son takes his father’s ashes on a short ride in a stolen locomotive, thus making him a train- robber.

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    . Rock ’n’ Rail: Ghost Trains and Spitting Slag. Saskatoon: Thistledown Press. 2002.

Sapergia, Barbara. “Double Take.” Ambience. With Ann Marie Corman, Anne Wright, David Beairsto, and Gabriel Prendergast. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK09408T1. 17 Nov. 1984. 25:00. This is a fantastic tale of two odd sisters. They live a secluded life. Although their father has been dead for years, he can communicate with them psychically. He is heard as “music from the spheres.” They are alchemists trying to turn lead into gold. They speak their own language, finish each other’s sentences and even feel each other’s sensations. The sisters’ uniquely ordered lives are disrupted by two men. First comes the gluttonous Dr. Farrol, a psychologist who enters their home (without permission and despite protests) seeking knowledge of the two odd sisters. He offers them money in exchange for performing experiments on them. The sisters refuse and send him on his way. Next enters the Reverend Henry, a nature-loving, lederhosen-wearing, biblical purist whom the sisters try to seduce in order to have children. Farrol interrupts their seduction. Henry runs. Farrol falls in lust with the sister’s cooking and they all agree to live together. Henry returns and a fight breaks out. The fight destroys the sister’s experiment, but not before gold is produced. Farrol steals the gold and leaves. The women are dejected because the explosion has cost them their special psychic abilities. They despair as the play ends, “It’s so terribly silent.”





“Eating Avocados.” Ambience. With Pamela Haig, Burgundy Code, Gabriel Prendergast, and Elizabeth McRobbie. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK13244. 30 Nov. 1991. 20:00. This is the story of a single Mother, Rita, and her daughter, Brandi. Brandi has an eating disorder (anorexia). By drinking only Diet Coke, she had gone from 130 pounds to 85 pounds and may need hospitalization. Rita expresses her frustrations to her therapist. Eventually, Brandi starts hallucinating and locks herself in her room. Rita forces her way in and vows to be more active in saving Brandi.

“Grandma's Foot.” Ambience. With Jackie MacLeod, Allan Stratton, Syme Jago, James Brewer, and Kent Allen. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05350T1. 18 Oct. 1980. 13:00.

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