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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


The play opens in a shoe store where Grandma Luba and her granddaughter are using a “Shoe-Fitting Fluoroscope.” Luba is having trouble finding a comfortable pair of shoes. Grandma tells the story of her foot. The listener travels back in time into the memories of Grandma Luba as a young woman. Most of the play is spent in her memories, with occasional questions from granddaughter bringing the listener back to the play’s present. When Luba was a young woman in Sweetwater, in the Dirt Hills, she injured her foot. She was scared of going to town to see the doctor. When she could no longer bear weight on the foot, her husband insisted she seek medical attention. In the hospital, the doctor decided to amputate the foot for fear of gangrene. Luba feared her life would be over without a foot. The doctor tried to sell her on a wooden replacement, but Luba dismissed the option. Luba then tricked the doctor into letting her go home to see to her house and children before losing her foot. Luba stayed at home and sought the help of a healer woman. After one month of poultices, the foot healed. The doctor seemed unable to accept healing outside of his institution. Luba laughs when remembering the doctor's letters warning of dire consequences, “You are going to die, Mrs. Petreskue, ha, ha” (Sapergia, “Grandma's Foot”). She kept her foot, but it is slightly malformed and she has trouble finding comfortable shoes.





“Harvest of the Sun.” With Vernon Behl, Sharon Bakker, Ken Kramer, Stephen Arsenych, Kent Allen, Jane Mayhew. Original Music Rob Bryanton. Producer Director Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK14162T2 or R- 11463. Recorded 13 Jan. 1989. 24:06. A futuristic science fiction piece with overtones of environmental activism in which David, a deaf boy, can feel the energy of the land. He lives with his mother, Signe, and uncle, Tomas, on the last stretch of virgin prairie in Canada. They have developed a new strain of Durum, Sunterra, derived from prairie grasses. Sunterra could help reclaim the prairie from the over-farming that is turning other places into wastelands. Mr. Dragland, a man with mechanical arms and legs, seeks to destroy their farm and the new wheat. He runs a huge farm with robots and computers. David faces down Dragland and shuts down his machines.

“Old Crocks.” Arts à la Carte. With Elizabeth Molton, David Miller, Beth Lischeron, Kent Allen, and Michael Scholar. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05343T1. 12 Mar. 1980. 20:00. The story is told through Lorraine, a twenty-three year old patient. The whole play takes place in her room at Fort San. The story unfolds both through Lorraine’s dialogue with other characters who enter her room, and her own inner monologue. The play begins with the revelation that Lorraine and Eddy, a 43-year-old farmer and family man, have been having an affair while “chasing cure.” Eddy is responding well to treatment and will soon return home to his farm and family. Lorraine is not responding well to treatment and is soon to undergo painful surgery

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