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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


(thoracoplasty). Eddy can't wait to be released and is full of pastorally ideal memories of home, “the taste of wheat, the feel of sunshine” and being able to “plant my first crop in 5 years.” Lorraine expresses fears over the thought of returning home. She has heard tales of patients being released from the sanatorium and returning home only to be “treated like a walking plague.” When talking to herself, Lorraine hints that she could be pregnant. Lorraine feels a baby is safe from TB as long as it is inside her, isolated within her womb. But she resolves never to hold the baby when it is born. Lorraine would rather it be put directly into the preventorium. Lorraine is sick, alone and left with little hope.

Schmalz, Wayne ed. Studio One: Stories Made for Radio. Regina, Coteau: 1990.

Schroeder, Andreas. “Dustship Glory” 5 Episodes. Producer Wayne Schmalz, Regina. Five episodes. With Ken Kramer, Lew Weatherall, Kate Gregg, Stephen Arsenych, Bill Morton, Rod McIntyre, Stephen Gregg, Kent Allen, Bill Hugli, Chip Chuipka, Vernon Behl, Chris and Allan Dotson, Wendy Gail, Kent Allen, Gabriel Prendergast, and Rick Gorrie. Producer/ Director Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK14154T2-T4, ARCSK14158T1-T2 or R-14155 to R-14159. 19 Sept. 1988. 5 episodes of approximately 15:00. A dramatic look at the life, creations, demons, and downfall of Tom Sukanen. Over 5 episodes, various people recall their experiences with Sukanen, told through narration and dramatization. They tell the story of his building his ship, trying to winch it to water, and his subsequent commitment to the North Battleford Psychiatric Hospital, where he died.

Seiferling, Stephanie. “Waiting for the Sunrise.” Gallery. Produced by Kelley Jo Burke. Recorded at CBC Saskatchewan, mixed 17 June, 2004. 20:00. “Stephanie's play, 'Waiting for the Sunrise' tells the archetypal story of a teen who chooses popularity over true friendship” (CBC Gallery website <http://sask.cbc.ca/radio/gallery/drama-winners1.html>) Plot: Boy meets Zoe, an inspiring friend who helps him get better at basketball. He ends up with a scholarship. His team wins city championship. Zoe also gives him advice that helps him win the girl of his dreams (Amanda). He neglects his relationship with Zoe, neglecting her to the point where she disappears. He walks out on the last few seconds of the city championship game because he realizes Zoe’s not there. He loves Zoe. But Zoe has left without leaving a phone number or forwarding address. Two years later, he is at college. When he comes to his home town, he expects to see her. He claims it's like 'Waiting for the Sunrise'.

Smith, Robert. “Finney’s Pardon.” Ambience. With Robert Cosbey, Brian Way, Bill Hugli, Lew Weatherall, Jim Timmins, Steven Arsenych, Gabe Prendergast, and Roscoe Bell. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK11655T1 or R-11655. 17 Dec. 1988. 15:00.

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