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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


Brenda Bassinet, James Brewer, and Jackie MacLeod. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05335T1 or R-5335. 2 Feb. 1980. [no time]. This is a fantastic, fairy-tale like story of a childless couple, John and Mary, who tend a remote lighthouse. One day, they save the life of a mother dolphin, but cannot save the baby dolphin. The dolphin returns with a human baby for the couple. Mary learns she can speak to the dolphin. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Ursell, Geoffrey. “The Adventures of a Lady that's Known as Lou.” Episodes 1 through 5. Ambience. With Lucy Peacock, Louise Handford, Victor Young, John Buller, Stephen Arsenych, Grant Lowe, Gabriel Prendergast, Nicole Evans, Steven Walsh, Allan Bratt, Dale Simmons. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK10359T1. 1989. 5 episodes of 20:00. Overview: In the tunnels beneath an imagined 1920s Moose Jaw, scoundrels smuggle bootlegged liquor, run opium dens, and generally outwit the RCMP and Saskatchewan Provincial Police’s undercover officers. Episode 1: Lou arrives in Moose Jaw on the Soo line. She tries to set up connection with the underworld for her boss, “Al.” Everyone assumes she means Al Capone. Lou meets Midge (a midget) who takes Lou into the tunnels under Moose Jaw. There Lou finds rum runners, thieves, hot spring pools, and more. After falling into the hot pool, Lou gets a new wardrobe from stolen dress cache. There, she meets “Low Lie”, an almost 7' tall Chinese man who operates an opium den. Lou also meets Mr. Zed – a man always in disguise. Zed wants a deal to ship to “Al” in Chicago so he can buy a farm and build his own curling rink. Episode 2, The Fortune Cookie Caper: Lou continues to infiltrate the Moose Jaw underworld with Midge as her guide. After business lunch with Mr. Z at a Chinese restaurant, Low Lie drugs them, then takes them to a greenhouse. But he dies falling down the stairs, having tripped on his own slippers. Episode 3, A Night on the Town: Dr. Jack Felt, another almost 7'-tall man, takes Lou out on the town. Lou and Felt are attracted to each other. But romance is interrupted by Millie Bird. Millie owns a dress shop and accuses Lou of wearing a stolen hat from her shop. Lou said it's from Chicago. Felt and Lou hit the town, stopping by The Savoy to watch vaudeville, Temple Gardens Dancehall to cut a rug, and Wakamaw to go rowing and see the fireworks. When their boat sinks, Felt swims Lou ashore and carries her to her hotel room. As things heat up, Felt leaves to investigate a sound in the hall. He dies falling down the stairs. Midge arrives. Lou finds a parrot feather in Felt's hand. Lou vows to get to bottom of everything. Episode 4, In Hot Water: Lou suspects she's being set up. She retreats to the underground hot spring pool to soak. Then, Lou finds Midge's house- of-ill-repute on River St. Lou meets Phyllis, Midge’s bouncer, a woman

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