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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


who is 7' tall. Phyllis and Lou pool-shark for a while. Lou finds out that the city cops are being paid off to ignore robberies. The CPR and Sioux- liner workers fight over Lou’s attention. Phyllis trips on her own high heels and dies. The cops arrest Lou for starting a riot. Lou is thrown in a jail cell. Zed, who turns out to be the chief of police, wants to charge her with three murders. Episode 5, Breakneck Speed: Lou is charged with the murders of three undercover RCMP officers, the seven feet tall people. Lou reveals she's really undercover for the Saskatchewan Provincial Police. Midge really killed the three RCMP officers. Zed threatens to kill Lou. Lou escapes through tunnels. Midge drowns in the pool. Mr. Zed catches up to Lou at the train station. Lou is trying to get on Chicago train. The Silk Train blocks the way. It appears Zed was killed by the train. Lou awakes in the station with “Al”, her boss at SPP. She did come in on the Chicago train, but boarded at Drinkwater (minutes east of Moose Jaw). Having nabbed a couple of crooks, Lou wants to head back to Saskatoon, “the cleanest city in the whole province, not to say the whole country.”

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    . “The Auction.” Ambience. With Victor Young, Billy Morton, and Roberta Nicole. Music by Robert Bryanton. Producer Wayne Schmalz. ARCSK11790. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. 12 April 1989. 50:00. A musical and comedic auction of the stupidest things in Saskatchewan, recorded before a live audience. It is a satiric look at then-contemporary Saskatchewan history. Items up for auction include: Membership cards to the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan, three for a dollar; a political urinalysis kit to test for a person’s political persuasion, blue for Tory, pink for Liberal, but unable to be positive about one colour for the NDP in Saskatchewan; Roy Romanow’s fence-sitting saddle; shares in SaskBanana, the latest crown investment; and more.





“The Great Bridge Plan.” Arts à la Carte. With Ken Kramer, Lorna Jackson, David Miller, Kim McCaw, and William Reiter. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05420T1 or R-5420. 10 May 1980. 30:00. In a War-of-the-Worlds-like introduction, a DJ is bumped off the air by an emergency announcement: Saskatchewan is going to be buried under glaciers in an impending ice-age. Thus, the powers that be reveal a plan to relocate all of Saskatchewan’s people, strip off Saskatchewan’s topsoil and move it south, and then mine all the minerals under the province before the ice comes. Then, a great bridge will be built over the province, so that no one has to drive through Saskatchewan again. As Saskatchewan residents rebel against this plan, the United States government releases a mind- control gas over the province that makes people comply.

“Murder at Manitou.” 5 episodes: Danger in Danceland; Fishing for a Monster; The Secret of the Lake Monster; Fish Plant, Ten O’clock; and Fish Food. With Paula Costain, Henry Woolf, Billy Morton, Patricia Drake, Kelly Handerck, Kent

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