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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


Allen, Gabe Prendergast, Tom Rooney, and Pamela Haig. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK14256T1, ARCSK14256T2, ARCSK14256T3, ARCSK14259T1, ARCSK14259T2 or R-14256 to R-14259. Morningside, 20 November, 1995. each episode approximately 8:00. Lou, under her real name Annie, is at a vacation at Manitou in 1927. There, she lands in a web of murder, diamond-smuggling, rogue carnivorous aquatic life, and an experimental British submarine disguised to look like the Loch Ness Monster. Annie witnesses the murder of Mr. Handsome, who is later revealed to be an undercover RCMP officer. Handsome gave her a bag of bath salts containing diamonds. She meets Doctor Van Meister, who turns out to be an agent for a South African Diamond consortium; Vladimir, who turns out to be a Russian Diamond smuggler in league with Marinara – a murderous smuggler with a passion for deadly fish; and Cpl. Ken, who turns out to be an RCMP officer undercover as a dirty cop in league with Marinara. Also at Manitou are: Tom, of the British Navy who is testing a sub disguised as the Manitou Lake Monster (he ends up helping to rescue Lou from an underwater lair of bad guys); Marinara, a mad diamond smuggler who stabs people in the heart with her diamond hat pins (Handsome and Van Meister) and who feeds people to piranhas (Cpl Ken), as well as to sharks and barracudas. Marinara’s plan is to make money, then flee while her pets take over lake Manitou and shut the resort down. Lou figures it all out, eventually, and Marinara escapes. So Lou, A.K.A. Annie, enjoys the rest of her vacation with Captain Tom.

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    . “The Rum Runners of Rainbow Ravine.” Episodes 8 and 9 of 10. Studio One:

Stories Made for Radio. Ed. Wayne Schmalz. Regina, Coteau: 1990. 121-131.



“The Rum Runners of Rainbow Ravine.” The Morning Edition. CBC National AM Network. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK 13230T1to ARCSK13230T10. Began broadcast: 22 Oct. 1990. 10 episodes of approximately 6:00. An Olde Tyme serial set in Saskatchewan during the 1920s. The play capitalizes on romantic tales of rum runners in southern Saskatchewan's Big Muddy Valley. The series builds on the characters introduced in Ursell's previous serial “The Adventures of the Lady that's Known as Lou.” This time, Lou's alias is Sal. Each episode was followed by a trivia question that listeners could call in to answer and win prizes. Episode 1 : Sal's plane crashes in the Big Muddy Valley (later a trivia question). Sal awakes in the underground booze producing/running empire of Mr. X. Murleen, a genuine flapper queen, introduces Sal around to people like Shorty, the short piano player, while ensuring Sal that she will meet Mr. X and then be killed. Episode 2: Sal meets Mr. X and is given a tour of his underground empire. Mr. X grows potatoes (with light from natural gas lamps) which he then ferments and distils them into illegal booze. Sal says she's here for

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