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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


the “Big Boys in Yorkton” who are worried about X intruding on their business. She hopes to find out how Mr. X transports booze across the border. Episode 3: Sal meets Luke, Mr. X’s cattle rustler. She likes him. He's about to tell her something private when X and Murleen intervene. Episode 4: Mr. X reveals that his booze is 500% over-proof potato hooch. The hooch is loaded into a zeppelin which is filled with helium, a natural gas bi-product, and painted to resemble a cloud, to avoid detection while flying into United States. The zeppelin launches from a cave-opening (in a cliff face) which is hidden by a canvas wall. Episode 5: Luke pilots the zeppelin to the US (over Mt. Rushmore, then a work in progress, which becomes a trivia question) to deliver the booze. On the return trip, Mr. X pushes Luke out of the zeppelin. The episode ends with Sal crying and everyone wondering who will pilot the zeppelin home. Episode 6: Sal has flown the Zeppelin home. She is later caught trying to use the radio in her grounded plane to contact help. She's caught by Mr. X and thrown in storage room with a sack of rattlers, but not until after Henry tries to tell her something using a potato code. Episode 7: Shorty helps Sal out of room. He had de-fanged Murleen's snakes. Shorty and Sal seek escape in several ways: first with horses, but Shorty doesn't ride; then with the old rum-running cars, the Whiskey 6's. When, the bad guys catch up, Shorty opens a still as a diversion, but ends up drowning in hot whiskey. Shorty was actually an undercover R.C.M.P. officer. Episode 8: Mr. X decrees that Sal will die, via a new bag of rattlers, but not until after curling practice on Mr. X's underground sheet of ice, cooled by piped Heluim. Mr. X, Murleen, and 2 bully-boys will play against Sal and the Bot-Fly Boys. Play continues into the 80th end. Mr. X reveals he's actually Mr. Z, the crooked Moose Jaw Police Chief of The Adventure’s of the Lady that’s Known as Lou fame. Sal reveals that she is Lou. The game continues. Episode 9: Murleen, too cold, quits the game. Sal is again thrown into the storage room with the snakes which by now are hibernating in the cold. Henry offers a last meal of potatoes, either Roast, Crochets, Mashed, Puffs. It is code for R.C.M.P. Sal reveals she is Savoury, Pureed, Parsley Potatoes, or SPP for Saskatchewan Provincial Police. Sal and Henry must sneak through the saloon to Sal’s now-fixed plane. After dodging bullets, they reach the plane. A fire starts in the underground empire as the episode ends. Episode 10: Sal escapes in her plane as Mr. X's underground empire explodes. Henry has died. All seems over, but Sal sees a “cloud” flying in front of the full moon. Mr. X seems to have escaped with money from his bootlegging empire able to finance his bigger plans.

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