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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


Dana Still, Ken Kramer, Kim MacCaw, Deborah Stott, Gabriel Prendergast. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK05334T1 or R- 5334. 26 Jan. 1980. 25:00. The Giant Who Wept is an intense, almost chaotic collage of the memories of Edouard Beaupré, A.K.A. The Willow Bunch Giant. This barrage of memories is combined with an intense, original soundscape. Beaupré’s choice to leave the caring circle of family and friends and enter this world of exploitation was supposed to be for the good of his impoverished family back home. But little of his money makes it back to his relatives, and the side-show life eventually kills him. As he lies dying of pneumonia, Beaupré longs for a trip home, even if the trip happens after he dies. He longs for the more healthy and friendly prairie of his youth. Beaupré asks not to be dissected, but embalmed and displayed so his family can get the money, until: One day, when everyone is tired of looking [they can] take me home to my people and lay me down in the earth ... To become part of that beautiful prairie. The earth does not judge, does not measure those who fall into it. To come back to my people. To give myself into their keeping and rest. To be allowed to rest. While Beaupré was alive, his unscrupulous agent stole most of Beaupré’s earnings. After he dies, no money reaches his family.

Warren, Dianne. “End of Season.” 5 episodes. With Sharon Bakker, Kate Gregg, James O’Shea, Gaye Burgess, Louise Handford, Carrie Schiffler, Kent Allen, Rick Gorrie, Jeff Rogstad, Ralph Blankenagel, Jake Roberts, Jeremy Schrader, Bill Hugli, and Billy Morton. Producer/Director Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK14176T2 through ARCSK14176T4 or R-14177 through R-14181. Recorded 20 Jan. 1992. Joyce is an old woman who boards hockey players in her basement. Two of them, Mike and Bradley, are accused of raping a girl, Seanna, in the basement one night. Seanna is charged with mischief. In the hockey-mad town, there is little sympathy for the girl. The boy’s charges are stayed and they are traded out of town. At Seanna’s trial, Joyce testifies twice. The first time she is sympathetic to the boys, but in the round, she second, reveals a detail that ends up exonerating Seanna of mischief. There is no word on how that affects the boy’s charges. What prompted Joyce to come forward with more detail is a story of Maureen. Maureen is a hockey fan who starts out cheering for the boys, but, upon hearing the story of Seanna’s rape, recalls her own teenage rape which she has kept hidden for years. Joyce decides she probably isn’t going to be the hockey fan she once was.



“Happy Birthday Arnie.” Ambience. With Bill Hugli, Louise Hanford, Beth Lischeron, and Robert Seale. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK09508T1. 31 Aug. 1985. 20:00.

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