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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


It is Arnie's 72nd birthday and a small dinner party is starting. The guests include Arnie, his wife Louise, his brother Bill, and his sister-in-law Ada. Arnie claims he has suffered a heart attack while in the garden and will spend dinner in the bedroom. Ada is the only one who seems concerned. Arnie's “closer” relations, his wife and brother, seem not at all worried. Ada spends her meal trying to remind Bill and Lorraine of Arnie's past good deeds. While Arnie is lying alone, he calls for a priest. Lorraine dismisses the request, citing that Arnie is not Catholic. Arnie's call for a television to try to find an evangelist to watch is also quashed. Finally, it is his bedside clock radio that provides him what spiritual aid he can find. He sings along to a gospel show. Eventually, Arnie stops singing. His family brings in his birthday cake only to find Arnie has died.



“An Innocent Fantasy.” Ambience. With Lou Weatherall, Kelly Handereck, Gaye Burgess, Kerry Sandomirsky, Louis Handsford, and Rob Roy. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK13593T1 or R-13593. 9 April, [need year]. 20:00. A radio call-in show welcomes guest Chester B. Field, author of Modern Myths for Modern Living. Chester’s book is a collection of modern fables, which he hopes to use in order to help callers decide their own most moral way out of a problematic situation. Chester stresses that morality is relative and that he doesn’t want to dictate right and wrong. Marie Anne calls the show wanting to know whether or not it is okay to cheat on her boyfriend with a hunkier guy. Chester tries to tell a story to help her decide, but Marie Anne wants a yes or no answer. The listener switches between the call-in show and dramatizations of the story, told by Chester. Chester tells the story of a woman who wins a date with a handsome TV host, and is tempted to cheat on her boyfriend. Marie Anne takes the story as permission to cheat and hangs up. Chester is outraged. He continues the story of the contest-date and ends it with a riverboat’s sinking and drownings all around. Thus Chester does try to dictate right and wrong and shows his subjectivity.



“Love Me Six Times.” Ambience. Producer Kelley Jo Burke. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. 9 Feb. 1999. 36:00. Eadie recalls her six marriages to the same man, Austin. Each marriage is compared to rounds in a boxing match. Eadie is traveling to Banff with Ellen, her ex-daughter-in-law. There, she will meet her son, Phillip (Ellen’s ex-husband). Eadie hopes that by forcing the divorced couple to spend time together the two may rekindle their relationship. As Eadie travels with Ellen, Eadie confesses that she has killed Austin. Austin’s death is compared to a boxer being counted out. Eadie hopes the time she will have to spend in Banff talking to police will be enough time for Ellen and Phillip to reconcile.



“Melancholia.” Ambience. With Merril Barrecca, Chip Chuipka, Stephen

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