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Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Plays


Arsenych, and Billy Norton. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK11654T1. 11 Dec. 1988. 20:00. Ed and Emma are in two different bars telling the story of their relationship. Ed is at a piano bar. He tells his side of the story to a piano player who is looking for a band (he has a sign on the window of the bar). Emma is talking to a bartender in a bar with a (stand-up) bass player. The bartender wants him to find a new gig. Since his piano player died, he has played only sad tunes. Ed and Emma reveal their story to their listeners. They meet on a bridge, where Emma is thinking of jumping. Ed convinces her to come with him to re-think things. He takes her to his peach- coloured apartment. She loves peach. They fall in love and drink peach daiquiris until peaches go out of season. When the relationship wanes, Ed paints his walls black. Emma asks to be taken back to the bridge. Ed takes her there. When the two lovers go to their respective bars, Emma recalled seeing a “musicians wanted” sign in the window of the piano bar. She takes the bass player to the piano bar and waits outside until she hears him playing happier music with the pianist. She doesn’t go into the bar. Emma and Ed don’t get back together.



“Prisoners of the Light.” Ambience. With Kent Allen, Lou Weatherall, Ken Kramer, and Kate Gregg. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK012559T1. 14 Apr. 1990. 30:00. A small town preacher claims that, as a boy, he saw a vision of Jesus in the sky. His church is hit by a tornado and the only apparent damage is a small hole in the roof. He calls it a miracle and raises money to build a skylight to “let in the light of heaven.” Meanwhile, the caretaker, Tom Cassidy, has gone missing. Tom’s wife and the police are searching for him. The preacher, to maintain his miraculous saving of the church story, claims that the caretaker must have gone back on the bottle and left town. A terrible smell drives the workmen installing the skylight out of the church. The smell draws the attention of the police, who discover the body of Tom in the church basement. He died when the tornado caused a foundation wall to collapse in the church basement.

Wesseler, Marlis. “Class 1-A.” Ambience. With Chip Chuipka. Producer Wayne Schmalz. CBC Saskatchewan, Regina. ARCSK11652T1 or R-1165226. Nov. 1988. The thoughts and musings of a farmer-turned truck driver. He ranges from the woes of a man forced off his farm, to narrow-minded jokes and rants about men, women, feminists, the scarcity of work, homosexuals, AIDS, Ukrainians, abortion, organ transplantation, and his mother in law's theory that, “It's all a Jewish Conspiracy to take over the CBC.” In the end, all the listener is left with is his question, “What kinda world would it be without me in it anyway?”



“Life Skills.” Ambience. Featuring Marlane O’Brian. Producer Wayne Schmalz.

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