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Introduction: Isolation, Radio Drama, and Saskatchewan


persons; solitariness. 2. a. Psychol. and Sociol. The separation of a person or thing from its normal environment or context, either for purposes of experiment and study or as a result of its being, for some reason, set apart. Isolate, v. - . trans. To place or set apart or alone; to cause to stand alone, detached, separate, or unconnected with other things or persons; to insulate. Isolate, a. (n.) - d. Social Psychol. A person who, either from choice or through separation or rejection, is isolated from normal social interaction.

In the case of health and healthcare, the more specifically medical application of the

definition will also be of interest, especially in the chapter Bodyscape.

Isolation - c. spec. The complete separation of patients suffering from a contagious or infectious disease, or of a place so infected, from contact with other persons. Also attrib. in isolation hospital, camp, etc., that by which isolation is effected. Isolate - 4. To cut off (an infected person or place) from all contact with others; to subject to strict quarantine.

Also, note the difference between isolation and the OED definition of alienation:

Alienation: 1. a. The action of estranging, or state of estrangement in feeling or

affection.” The term isolation has been chosen rather than alienation because isolation

has a stronger sense of physical and social separation as well as psychological separation

from others.

This thesis will explore the treatment of isolation, in all its diverse meanings,

within the context of contemporary Saskatchewan radio drama. This study will be

divided into three major chapters: Timescape, Landscape, and Bodyscape. Timescape

concentrates on themes of isolation as expressed in history plays. Landscape explores

isolation and landscape within three radio plays by James Quandt. Bodyscape focuses on

plays dealing with themes of isolation, health, and healthcare, and on the gender of those

most inclined to write on such topics, women. Through these chapters, my critical

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