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Laurits Clausen f. ca. 1728 d. 1803. He became a blacksmith at Leby, Aero. He was married to Ellen Albertsdatter b. ca. 1718 d. 13.02.1802, parents unknown. Possibly she was the widow of blacksmith Hans Clausen in Leby. He was killed in an accident at the windmill in Bregninge on 20.10.1752.

1.Inger Lauritsdatter b. ca. 1757 d. 1762.

2.Cathrine Lauritsdatter b. ca. 1759 d. 1762.

3.Albert Lauritsen b. 1760 d. 1762.

4.Albert Lauritsen b. 01.11.1762 d. 05.04.1826. Cfr. more below.

5.Claus Lauritsen b. 1766 d. 1820. He was married to Kirsten Pedersdatter f. 1766 d. 1799. Claus was a farmer at Kragnaes, near Marstal. A grandson was:

:Claus Lauritsen Clausen b. 3.11.1820 d. 15.11.1892.

Claus emigrated to USA. See article on www.aerogenealogy.dk

When Kirsten died, he was married on 14.04.1800 to Ellen

Hansdatter from Søbygårdsmark.

Generation 4:

Albert Lauritsen b. 01.11.1762 d. 05.04.1826. Albert was a blacksmith at Leby after his father. He was married on 30.01.1785 to Karen Hansdatter b. 02.02.1760 d. 24.04.1830, daughter of blacksmith Hans Lauritsen and wife Karen Nisdatter from Skovby, Aero. More about her family below.

Albert and Karen had 7 children:

1.Anna Marie Albertsdatter b. 1785 d. 12.10.1785.

2.Ellen Cathrine Albertsdatter b. 1787 d. 07.01.1821. She was

married to small landowner Christen Hansen from Leby (100).

2.Karen Albertsdatter b. 12.04.1789.

3.Laurits Albertsen b. 07.04.1791 d. 12.09.1855. Cfr. more below.

4.Anna Albertsdatter b. 24.12.1793. She was married to widower

Peder Lauritsen b. ca. 1793 d. 10.07.1842.

After Peder died she was married to Knud Rasmussen

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